Thursday, December 9, 2010

First pictures from Pirates of Caribbean "On Stranger Tides" !

One more article for the road...with these first pictures of Pirates of Caribbean "On Stranger Tides" just released by Disney. It's interesting to note that in the third and fifth pictures the action seems to be in a city, Which seems to indicate that all the movie won't necessarily be at sea or on an island...the first trailer should be released later this month and although i am in my Christmas break, i'll try to post it if i have an internet connection where i will be.

Pictures: copyright Disney


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Can't wait for this movie, and for the Haunted Mansion one!

WDW said...

Isn't this movie called "On Stranger Tides" not "Fountain of Youth"?
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Alain Littaye said...

You're bloody right! I've fixed my mistake, thanks to have let me know!