Monday, February 14, 2011

Tokyo Disney Sea Attraction Posters - Part Two

In this part two of Tokyo Disney Sea's Attraction Posters we will have a closer look to the visuals related to TDS Tower of Terror and above is the TOT attraction poster - sorry for the inevitable reflection in the glass. Also, part one of this TDS attraction posters article is HERE.

As you know, the TDS TOT version, located on the American Waterfront, has a different storyline not inspired by the Twilight Zone series as the TV series are not known or as popular in Japan as they are in the U.S and Europe. Instead, WDI Imagineers imagined a fictitious character named Harrison Hightower, adventurer, explorer, who bring back hundred of antiques from all around the world - and owner of the Hightower hotel. In the storyline Hightower disappeared a fateful night victim of the curse from the African statue Shiriki Utundu, stolen by him in Africa. By the way, you're probably aware of this already but i remind you that the face of Harrison Hightower is inspired by the one of WDI Imagineer Joe Rhode.

To help TDS guests to believe this amazing story many visuals elements are displayed by the "NYC Preservation Society" both inside and outside of the Tower of Terror. Outside, guests cas see fake old newspaper articles talking about Hightower expeditions, like this one below. Enlarge the picture to have a closer look at it.

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Another different one, shot at sunset.

Less known are these great fictitious pictures that guests can see inside the Hightower Hotel, always related to his "adventures". The one below refers to how Hightower learned the art of charming snakes in Bombay, in 1884!

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But my favorites are probably the visuals telated to the "Rajah's Pool", supposedly built inside the Hightower Hotel. The Rajah's Pool poster, below, looks great, doesn't it?

Same for this "old" 1895 Rajah's Pool picture which has a lot of charm.

Hope you enjoyed these Tokyo Disney Sea attraction posters articles, next week we'll be back to Tokyo Disney Resort on a different angle.

All pictures by Daniel Rous. Attraction Posters: copyright Disney Enterprises - Oriental Land Co.


Disology said...

I loved this series on the Tokyo Disney Seas attraction posters. It's all in the Details. Thank you very much!

RandySavage said...

Great to see hi-res versions of these posters. Thank you!

Regions Beyond said...

These are fantastic...amazing post and thank you for sharing detailed looks at these graphics!