Thursday, April 14, 2011

WDW Town Square Theatre with Mickey Magician

At WDW Magic Kingdom the Town Square Theater is now open and guests can meet Mickey as a Magician. Theming is for a big part around Magic and you can read today's Kevin Yee article on Mice Age for more details.

On the picture below, Mickey readies to meet and greet guests at his new magical permanent location where for the first time guests will be able to obtain a Fastpass ticket specifying when they can return to see Mickey for hugs, photos and autographs.

Magical Touches Adorn Mickey’s New Meet-and-Greet Location. Mickey’s dressing room features more than what meets the eye. This shelf in his dressing room, for example, includes decorative items, like a Sorcerer Mickey’s hat, a Leota-brand crystal ball, strategically-placed books with subtle references to Cinderella’s Castle and a small “Tree of Life,” to conjure a trick: together, the pieces represent the four Walt Disney World Resort theme parks.

After their meet and greet, guests exit through Curtain Call Collectibles where some of the contraptions used in Mickey’s best magic tricks – including a dunk tank, sword basket and saw of dread – have been repurposed to showcase Mickey merchandise.

Nothing is better than a good video to have a clear view of how it looks in real and the one below filmed by the excellent Attractions Magazine will show you this in details!

Pictures: copyright Disney

Video: copyright Attractions Magazine


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I'm sorry, but I lost the "subtle references to Cinderella’s Castle".

Nice theming anyway.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Now I saw the video and I think I got the castle reference (the form that the books make reminds the castle silhouette a little?).

The theming is great, I loved all the references, to club 33, to all the Disney Resorts, and specially to Oswald, I wish to see the lucky rabit more at the parks.

Lela King said...

I love mickey and minnie :)