Sunday, May 29, 2011

Disneyland Paris Update : A "fresh and new" Sleeping Beauty Castle

Here is a new Disneyland Paris update and this one is specially about Sleeping Beauty castle which is almost totally repainted.

As i've told you before DLP has launched a big refurbishment program all over the parks and resorts and the castle is now repainted with a new "pink" color and a slightly different blue color on the towers which also have a bit more of "gold". The back of the castle is not totally finished but it should be very soon. But right now, DLP guests who enter the park can enjoy a "fresh and new" castle!

On Main Street, the Walt's restaurant facade which is also currently repainted... well as the Gibson Girl facade at the corner of Central Plaza.

I remind you that, starting tomorrow, i will take a break and i'm not sure that i will be able to post new articles on D&M during this break. However, check back regularly as if i can do it i will post new topics!

All pictures: copyright Disney and more


Bob said...

Enjoy some time off!

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

It looks really beautiful, better than ever! The most beautiful Disney castle, no doubt of that!

Enjoy your brake Alain and thank you very much for all the posts!

Rafael said...

Thank you for all the wonderful posts. Enjoy your break!