Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pirates of Caribbean 4 Premiere at Disneyland - Red Carpet Videos

It was Pirates of Caribbean "On Stranger Tides" Premiere yesterday at Disneyland and here is a choice of videos showing the red carpet on Main Street. We begin by Geoffrey Rush, and please note that i may update this article later today with new videos, so come back later to see more!

Here comes Penelope Cruz.

The legendary Rolling Stones Keith Richards.

The Pirates of Caribbean "Mermaids".

...and of course Johnny Depp.

Look well the next video showing Johnny walking on Main Street. Obviously Johnny wanted to get closer to his fans but was stopped to do so by his body guard...

...and on this next one you'll see Johnny showing to his fans how he is sorry to don't be able to get closer to them.

That said, it seems that it was the same for all the POTC 4 stars who apparently were asked to stay in the "middle" of the red carpet. May be it was for security reasons but as we are at Disneyland, one of the safest place on Earth, it may have been for a "timing" reason. The screening in Frontierland had to begin at a certain time and may be they thought that if Johnny began to sign autographs to each fan the show will have too much delay.

You'll find on Mice Age a great report about yesterday's POTC Premiere and as you will see on the video below Johnny was able to sign autographs to some of his fans, at least at the beginning of Main Street. More about the Premiere HERE.

Videos: copyright Maximo TV, jkj308, nightclubbing12 and KJohnson2083


Anonymous said...

I'lld fire that bodyguard, it looks rather silly and very unproffesional, Mr Depp being treated as a schoolboy...
Tilburg NL

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I don't know why people make such a scandal when they see celebrities! I really admire Johny Depp as an actor and like his movies, but I would never scream and wait for hours on a bench to see him passing by. It's so silly...

I'm really looking forward to watch this movie, I can't wait!