Thursday, June 23, 2011

Unique views of HKDL new lands on The Theme Park Guy web site

Some webmasters shoot pictures in a Disney park the easy way - and i'm part of them, most of the time! - and others are ready to make every necessary sacrifice to get the unique shots. Stefan Zwanzger, my good friend from The Theme Park Guy website is one of them and recently on his new trip to Hong Kong Disneyland he was decided to get the perfect shot of HKDL new lands currently under construction.

And to achieve this, Stefan and his local hiker friend Michael decided "to trek for seven hours over mountains on hiking trails that ceased to exist". According to Stefan this trek was just like hell, but at the end of the day he got some unique shots of HKDL as you can see above. It's interesting to note that the beautiful Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel will be just behind the new lands. There is dozens of other great pictures on Stefan's site and you can see all of them HERE.

While you are on The Theme Park Guy website, don't miss one of Stefan previous report in which you can see great aerial pictures (shot from a plane, this time) like this one below which is particularly interesting as you'll see the land which is still available for a future expansion of the resort and a second park. I remind you that this land in the foreground was not existing before, there was only the sea.

Pictures: copyright The Theme Park Guy


Anonymous said...

Just studying the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and noticed what looked like a light house on the roof facing the seas. What a Great idea if that's what it truly is. Remind's me a lot of TDL in 1982/83 without mountains. Plenty of room for a HKDS and a Columbia or Luisitania would be better, parked at Waters edge.

SP said...

This is complete crazy ! I mean they literally created earth ! Making it "come out" of the sea ! I'm amazed by this ?
Did they bought this part of the sea in order to create land on it ?
And when you see all the space they have now ! How much parks can they create... easily 5 or 6, BIG ONES !
I can't believe it O_O

Alain Littaye said...

If i'm right, Tokyo Disneyland was also created like this, it was just sea before. In fact they didn't made the "earth" come out of the sea, they've filled the sea with earth, it's different.
And, no, they don't have the room on this new land for 5 or 6 theme parks, probably one or two not more.