Sunday, June 12, 2011

Want to know why Indiana Jones Adventure is not built yet at Disneyland Paris ?

Among my readers comments one special question is coming back regularly: when WDI Imagineers will build Indiana Jones Adventure at DLP Adventureland? In previous posts i've tried to answer to the question saying that, basically and although the room to build the ride is kept in Adventureland, there was two reasons why IJA is not yet built at DLP: the ride cost which is probably now at least or over $150M and the maintenance cost which is huge.

How huge, you ask? Well, for the first time, an article from the Orange County Register will answer this question. The article won't give you the cost in dollars but when you'll read that "Hundreds of employees are trained to work at Indiana Jones, including 12 machinists and mechanics. At any given time, 18 operators are on duty. In a year, employees receive 27,000 work orders, such as fixing hydraulic leaks, replacing light bulbs and installing tires..." then you'll understand that DLP probably can't afford the maintenance cost of this beloved attraction.

27000 work orders per year, can you believe that? I know, it's hard to believe, but there is more to learn in the reading of the OC Register article, so jump HERE and then you'll understand why we might not see - unfortunately - an Indiana Jones Adventure ride anytime soon at DLP, at least until WDI Imagineers didn't find a ride system which cost less in maintenance.

Picture: copyright Disney


Robert /Cologne said...

Still Think its about time that something gets built on that plot....

Looking at my plan of EuroDisneyland ,I have noticed an attraction where the Tempel de peril is but looks somehow different ,was this the original site ?

Anonymous said...

How many operations people does it take to run and maintain a DLP Park for 1 year? How many at DL?
What difference in admissions would an Indy ride make VS costs to maintain it?


Owen said...

Oh well - I'll settle for Ratatouille, Star Tours 2 and Little Mermaid ;)

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Unfortunately all good things are expensive, and that's especially true in Theme Parks.

Anyway as much as I like the Indiana Jones ride (it's probably the best ride in Disneyland), I would rather see something new in Paris, that I can't ride anywhere else, like the Ratatouille.

Anonymous said...

Instead of writing articles about what DLP won't build, could you tell us about what they WILL built. ;) It's not fun never reading articles about DLP's future. It's boring reading "DLP can't afford this!" all the time.

Alain Littaye said...

I'll be pleased to write articles about DLP future when there will be something new to speak about. But the OC Register article was perfect to explain (unvoluntarily) where is the problem with IJA at DLP.

That said, there is NOTHING new confirmed yet for DLP if we except the Jack Sparrow audio-animatronics coming at POTC next year. If you really want to complain to someone, do it to the banks which are the real ones that decide the future of DLP, not to me who don't have (unfortunately) this power.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Your article was very interesting Alain!

By the way, I was lucky enough to go on this ride backstage last December and see where and how they do the maintenance (a very big place for that!)