Monday, August 22, 2011

D23 Expo : New Shanghaî Disneyland Artwork ! Pictures by Andy Castro

Artwork showing Shanghaî Disneyland are so rare than any new rendering is a blessing. This one, showing a night view of Shanghaî Disneyland Enchanted Storybook Castle was not released officially but was shown yesterday at D23 during Bob Weis presentation about SDL. I found it on a video that you i've added in the Tom Staggs article below, did a screen shot and enhanced a bit the picture, and here it is. Click on it to see it in larger scale.

Edited: Thanks to Andy who took pictures during Tom Staggs presentation, we have a better shot of the new SDL rendering and the good pic is the one above. Now that we see more details it's interesting to note that WDI added on the painting a lot of "little lights" upon the buildings in front of the castle to prevent their architecture to be too easily identified by other chinese theme parks projects competitors.

Also, another shot from Andy is showing the recently released rendering but also enlarged, here it is.

During Bob Weis presentation of SDL was shown an animation. Basically, it began by the castle at the center of the land available and the castle is the first to appear at the center and suddenly all the future others buildings of the park appeared one by one until we arrive to the official rendering that we know. Although you still don't really see what will be what it's interesting to see this and the best is that you enlarge each of the five pictures below.

Artwork: copyright Disney

Pictures by Andy Castro

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Anonymous said...

Looks like there is to be something like a Main Street corridor area, and more interestingly, a totally new portal of some sort leading to it from the entry complex -as seen in the last colorful version. You can just see the Mickey face floral in the vid-cap versions just below that area. What is the larger district to the left of all that? Ticketing? + a downtown Disney? Gates at the side? Is that a large indoor performance place in between those two nearer the Castle, but seemingly still outside the park proper? Just wondering. Looks lush. Michaeland@mac