Friday, September 30, 2011

WDW 40TH Anniversary - 1971 LIFE Grand Opening Original Issue

Forty years ago, on October 1st, 1971, Walt Disney world - Walt's big dream - was opening. LIFE photographers were there and the legendary magazine did a special issue. I've found back for you this rare original issue and here it is with, above, the LIFE memorable cover as well as the original picture from the photo shoot with 1500 WDW cast-members and characters!

The next pictures are the pages of the article itself which began with two pictures on double-pages, including a fish-eye photo of the Magic Kingdom! Click on each to see them in larger size.

The other pages were mostly showing the now unfortunately extinct Mickey Mouse Revue or the Country Bear Jamboree. The Mickey Mouse Revue went then to Tokyo Disnryland where it is also now an extinct attraction.

The LIFE issue also included an AD for WDW! And it seems that at that time pets were allowed in the resort!

This reminds me that if you don't own yet the "Art of Walt Disney World" book it's a total must for any Disney fan. It includes plenty of rare WDI artwork and you can read the review i did about it HERE and also order a copy on the D&M Amazon Store HERE. No kidding, folks, it's a great book so don't miss it while there is still some copies available.

And if you are at WDW this Saturday for the 40th celebration i wish you all the best for this happy day!

Pictures: copyright Time-Life

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

The the fish-eye picture of the Magic Kingdom at the time of its opening is amazing! It's curious to see how big the show building for the Haunted Mansion is. When I was a child, I thought it was all inside of the Mansion...