Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Phantom is back in Phantom Manor stretching room !

A small update about DLP Phantom Manor as the Phantom is back in the stretching room! To say the truth, the Phantom which appears with the hangman in the ceiling at the end of Phantom Manor's stretching room opening scene was always there but since months, if not years, it has became almost impossible to see both of them clearly.

Apparently Disneyland Paris maintenance did a pretty good job and now Phantom Manor guests can see them more clearly than ever as you will see on the video below filmed by DCP member Nicolas 71. Note that it's also possible that DLP Imagineers improved the stroboscopic lighting. Have a look, and watch it full screen.

As it's currently DLP Halloween season, an orchestra playing themes from Nightware before christmas or Grim Grinning Ghosts is also playing regularly near Phantom Manor, a good initiative indeed as we miss the presence of orchestras in the park.

Video: copyright Nicolas71

Picture from Twitpic/InsideDLParis


Disney Showcase Key said...

I haven't seen it that way for ages.
I saw this video yesterday but thanks for the photo.

DGR said...

They probably simply cleaned the scrim. This is done once a year during the annual rehab, but it doesn't last very long, unfortunately.