Sunday, December 11, 2011

From 1960's Disneyland Rocket Man to 21st Century Jet Man

You may remind the Disneyland Rocket man who appeared in the mid-1960s, flying from Tomorrowland around Sleeping Beauty castle, and back to his launching area. He was wearing a jetpack - or "rocket belt" - and a lot of Disneyland guests were dreaming that in the future they'll be able to fly like him.

It was the good old times when the giant Tomorrowland rocket was still there, and talking about it here is a rare rendering coming from

Then, years after years the dream didn't became reality and the main reason why is because it has always been difficult to fly like the Rocket man and eventually dangerous for people like you and me. Add to this that the rocket man couldn't fly very far and that even right now only a few men can still fly like "The Rocketeer". However he did flight all around the world, including near Giza Pyramids..

The last time i saw personally one of the Rocket men flying was for DLP Space Mountain grand opening, back in 1995. Below, you can see the Rocket man in a video coming from the Disneyland TV program aired Disneyland Around the Seasons on December 18, 1966.

Rocketman by donaldtheduckie

Then, we entered the 21st century and the dream came true. Not for each of us, but for Jetman Yves Rossy, former plane pilot, and who developed a new technique which has allowed him recently to do an unbelievable flight. On the next video you'll see him flying for real with jets, and it must really give a sense of power to fly next to them. Even if he may not be able to fly as fast as the jets it is still impressive to see this and specially for anyone who has ever thought of flying like a bird. But, sorry, don't expect to be able to fly like him anytime soon!

Video: copyright Disney or Yves Rossy - Breitling

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This must be one of the coolest things a person can do!!!