Saturday, December 24, 2011

D&M Wish a Merry Christmas to all Disney and more readers, and with a little gift!

It's Christmas today and i wanted to wish to all of you a very Merry Christmas! Great updates are coming next week but, as there shouldn't be any Christmas without a gift, here is a little one. This is the famous Adventureland map which is displayed in Adventureland - click on it to see it in bigger size. It's the original high-res scan we did ten years ago for my Disneyland Paris book which, as you know, is on its way to be reprint and the article below will tell you all you need to know to own a rare collector's copy of the acclaimed Disneyland Paris book which is on its way to be reprint!

Artwork: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...


Thanks so much!

Dave said...

Hey Alain. Just wanted to wish you a Joyeux Noël!

I'm a big fan of the blog. Been reading it since the early days. And I bought your Disneyland Paris book a couple years ago. It's one of the best Disney books I own. When are you going to do another one?

Anyways, can't wait to see what you have in store for the next year. Keep up the great work.