Friday, March 23, 2012

DLP 20th Ann: Master Class with Legendary Imagineer Tony Baxter at Discoveryland Videopolis, April 12 at 10.45 am !

DLP has announced officially that legendary Imagineer Tony Baxter who was Disneyland Paris main show producer back 20 years ago will be at Discoveryland Videopolis on April 12 - date of DLP 20th - for a one hour master class. This is surely a news that will delight all DLP fans planning to be there on this memorable day. Just make sure to arrive at Videopolis in advance to have a seat available. The master class will be presented by DLP ambassadors and Tony will talk about the construction of Disneyland Paris. A questions/answers and autographs session will follow.

Among others infos officially released: DLP gates will open at 9.30 am and guests will be invited to wait a bit on Town Square as Philippe Gas DLP CEO will make a celebration speech to be followed by a cast-members Flash Mob during which a little gift will be offer.

Happenings and surprises will happen all day long but the official program will be released only that day. Everything will happen in Disneyland Park, there won't be new specific animations at the WDS. During all day archives videos of what happened the last 20 years including special events, and VIP happy birthdays will be shown on Videopolis screens. Also, a limited edition T-Shirt for men or women will be on sale in the park, this day only.

Glad to know that Tony Baxter will be there and hope you will enjoy this master class with him!

Picture: copyright Disney


Mark Taft said...

I would LOVE to be there for this!

DisWedWay said...

"Well,my greatest reward I think is...I've been able to build this wonderful organization (PDL). I've been able to enjoy good health and the way I feel today, I feel like I can still go on being a part of this thing after 40 some years of the business and also have the public appreciate and accept what I've done all these years. That is a great reward." Walt Disney
I'm sure this applies to Tony Baxter as well.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I would LOVE to be there for this as well! Unfortunately I can not go to Paris right now.