Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The True Story of the Amazing Star Trek Attraction That Almost Was

The Goddard Group, a company directed by Gary Goddard, has launched a new blog which you're gonna like! Gary Goddard is the man who created for Universal when he was running the Landmark company the Jurassic Park ride and Terminator 3D among others famous rides and one of the latest post of this new blog is definitely not to be missed as Gary describes the incredible story of the Star Trek attraction that "almost came to life" in Las Vegas, back in 1992.

In one of my previous articles three years ago i've shown you this amazing concept of a real-size Enterprise, thanks to fantastic artwork like the one above - click to enlarge the pictures. This amazing project unfortunately not realised have a story. Years ago the Las Vegas Down Town hotels association, aware that the new Strip's hotels were getting most of the visitors, wanted to create a unique attraction to be located in down town Las Vegas. Different companies created concepts, including Landmark with this amazing Star Trek concept, but, although EVERYBODY loved this Star Trek idea their final choice went to the now famous Fremont Street Experience.

This real size Enterprise would have stand in the Las Vegas strip and would have been as long as Paris Eiffel Tower is high. That means unbelievably big. And of course guests would have found inside themed Star Trek attractions. The whole project had an estimated cost around $200 M (back in 1992) which was reasonable - specially considering the size.

Now, why such an unbelievably great project was never built, specially when EVERYONE was okay to do it? Well, as you will read in Gary's article ONE person was not okay, and because of this person all the project was cancelled. So, jump to the Goddard Group Blog HERE to read this truly amazing story!

Artwork: copyright Landmark, Landmark entertainment, Star Trek is copyright: Paramount Pictures

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