Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Important Editor's Note about the HKDL and TDS Iphone - iPad Apps: We have a problem since 10 days on four of my iPhone - iPad applications, including the one about HKDL and TDS. I noticed the problem only last monday when i received some mails from customer who have bought the apps. What happened is that the server of the programmers who did the program of the apps had crashed. They are trying to put in place a new one and we hope to have it working by the end of the month. When i learned about this i was not happy, of course, and all the apps created with them are for now not anymore on sale on the iTunes Appstore until the problem will be resolved. I will post a message here to let everyone know when it will be working fine again. Again, deeply sorry about this problem and hope everything will be fine soon. If not, everyone who have bought the app since May 1st will of course get a refund. Thanks for your comprehension and patience.

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