Saturday, July 28, 2012

Soarin' Over... The Land of Pharaohs

Soarin' fans are still waiting for the future "Soarin' over the world" movie and from what i've been told one of the country we should "fly" over will be Egypt. But today, i introduce my new application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch called "Egypt from above" and thanks to the app you'll be able to "soar" over some of the most famous ancient Egyptian temples with dozens of high-def pictures shot by me during travels in Egypt some years ago!

So, all aboard for an amazing hot air balloon flight over Luxor, the Nile river and the temples of Ancient Egypt! With this new app you'll fly aboard a Hod Hod Soliman Balloon over the land of Pharaohs and the Theban necropolis and discover the legendary Valley of the Kings, the Ramesseum - the temple of Ramesses II - Medinet Habu, Deir el Bahari temples as well as Memnon Colosses and many more, like you have never seen them before !

Here is some of the app features with a selection of pics and screen captures:

- Dozens of stunning HD pictures of Luxor Temples seen from above! ALL pictures are in Retina display definition and will look gorgeous on the new iPad as well as on the iPad 1, 2, and all iPhones!

- Wikipedia links for each picture for more infos on each temples!

- Image gallery to directly select pictures of a chapter!

- Selection of favorite pictures and Slide show mode!

- A special video showing a flight aboard Hod Hod Soliman balloon over Luxor west bank temples!

- Fun app UI with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs! ( see picture below )

- During the balloon flight you'll also fly over the Nile river as well as Louxor west bank village and oasis villages!

The app is available whatever is the country you are living but the direct iTunes link if you live in the U.K the direct iTunes link is HERE, if you live in the U.S.A it's HERE , if you live in France it's HERE and and if you live in Egypt it's HERE. If your iTunes account is in another country just enter as keyword "Egypt from above" in the iTunes Store search box and you'll find it instantly. The app is at a very low price , i.e 1.59€ or $1.99 only.

Hope you'll enjoy this flight over the legendary land of Pharaohs!

All Pictures: copyright Park Lane Editions

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

What an amazing trip! To fly all over Egypt in a balloon!