Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Soarin' Over... Disneyland Paris

Our next "Soarin' destination is over Disneyland Paris and today, thanks to "Jolly Roger", you will see Disneyland Paris as you have never seen it before, and, as usual, click on each picture to see it in larger scale.

Just like you and me Jolly Roger is a big DLP fan but he is also something that we are not: he is a plane pilot. Small planes. And when the weather and winds are right for a safe flight Jolly Roger takes a plane and his camera and, flying over the resort, he is shooting great aerial pictures of Disneyland Paris "from above". Everyone ready for a flight? Then, fasten seat belts and lift off!

On the first picture below Jolly Roger in his plane is approaching the resort. On the top: DLP Magic Kingdom.

Below, the Disneyland Hotel at the entrance of the park. Don't forget to click on each picture to see them in larger scale.

On this next picture, an aerial shot of Town Square.

Let's fly over Frontierland with a great view of Big Thunder and the Rivers of the Far-West.

Same shooting angle, but at Autumn, with Phantom Manor and Town Square in the background.

Jolly Roger's new shot of Cottonwood Creek Ranch in the back of Frontierland with the Cowboy Cookout Barbecue and Critter Corral. Amazing how the trees and other vegetation have filled in so handsomely around the architectural elements and truly created Cottonwood Creek.

A winter shot of "Thunder Mesa".

Another shot of Frontierland with the Walt Disney Studios on the top. You'll note how close WDS Toon Studio is from Frontierland, something you can't guess when you're in the parks.

Let's fly now over Adventureland! This first picture shows the entrance of the land, Adventureland Bazaar and Swiss Robinson Tree.

This next one is showing the African part, Swiss Robinson Tree and Adventure Isle with Captain Hook ship and Skull Rock.

Two pictures shot from different angles of the Indiana Jones temple.

Let's move to Fantasyland with this first picture showing Alice's Curious Labyrinth and the Mad Hatter tea cups.

On this next one, Story Book Land and Casey Jr train.

Dumbo, Mad Hatter tea cups and le Caroussel de Lancelot, all together on the same shot.

A last aerial shot of Fantasyland with Discoveryland in the back.

A closer shot of Discoveryland with Space Mountain.

Another one, with Autopia and the Orbitron.

On this next you'll have a better view of the Nautilus. Videopolis theatre building is in the foreground.

This last Discoveryland picture shows Star Tours and Captain EO entrance.

It's time to fly over the Walt Disney Studios and this first shot shows the WDS from the back and of course the first park on the left.

Another picture showing both parks, in the foreground: the train tracks nearby.

A closer and panoramic shot of the WDS.

Another view on another angle with WDS entrance on the left and Toon Studio on the right.

A close shot of Crush's coaster building.

A great - and new - shot of the WDS with Toy Story Playland and Toon studio on the top, the Stunt show and Reign of Fire decor in the foreground, and of course Tower of Terror, here view from the back.

In the background of this last aerial shot of the WDS, Lake Disney, the Disney Village and the park hotels.

A great aerial shot of the hotels located around lake Disney. The New York hotel is in the front, the Newport Bay Club in the back and the Sequoia Lodge on the left.

This last Jolly Roger shot shows the Disney Village area and the Walt Disney Studios entrance in the back.

I think we can all thanks Jolly Roger for these fantastic pictures of Disneyland Resort Paris "from above". So, if you enjoyed the flight, don't hesitate to tell him in the comments!

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All pictures: copyright Jolly Roger whom i thanks a lot!


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Stunning pictures!

Thanks a lot for posting Alain, and of course for shooting them Jolly Roger.

Jonathan said...

Disney paris has the potential to be the best Disney in the world without a doubt

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

The potential maybe, but certainly not the money...