Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Disneyland Paris Update ! DLP 20th Celebration Extended, Ratatouille Update, and more

Quite a while since i did a DLP update so here is one! Lot of things to talk about so let's begin by DLP 20th Anniversary which will be extended at least for six more months if not more and you can see below the not-yet-offical visual/logo for it.

Will there be anything new during this extended 20th Ann? May be, with the new 225 million euros of additional cash flow which are part of the $1.7B from the WDC they might use a bit of these 225M € and finally add the Jack Sparrow AAs in Pirates of Caribbean or do the Phantom Manor update but so far nothing is sure. The goal for DLP is of course to "live" on the 20th celebration as long as possible, i.e if possible until the opening of the Ratatouille ride at the WDS scheduled for Spring 2014. But, as an extended celebration is always welcome for DLP guests so let's not complain about it. That said, even if DLP is celebrating it doesn't stop the park to do some refurbishment and some rides are now closed like Peter Pan's Flight, now in refurb for one month...

...or some others refurbishment in the Buzz Lightyear ride since already one month...

...And others on the Autopia sign.

More interesting are the works on the awaited Ratatouille ride at the Walt Disney Studios. As you will see on the pictures below which, just like the one above, are courtesy of Max Fan aka DLRP Welcome the ride building structure (the black metallic structure in the background) as well as the one of the restaurant (on the top left, last picture below) are growing quite quickly. The pictures were shot from the Toy Story Playland parachute ride, and the already built building on the left was DLP costuming building.

As you can see the Ratatouille area is a pretty large one and so looks the ride building. As i've said the ride opening is expected for 2014, probably April 2014 but so many things can happen during the construction and ride testing that i wouldn't bet right now on any "sure" opening date.
Two cool videos to end this update, always from Max Fan - DLRP Welcome, the first one below is a time-lapse video of "a day at Disneyland Paris", and the other one is a new video of the Disney Dreams show. I know, you've watched others videos of this show before, but here the sound quality is way muuuch better than on the others one so you might be interested to have a look at this new one!

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Pictures and videos: copyright DLRP Welcome whom i thanks a lot!
DLP 20th Ann extended visual: copyright Disney


danielz6 said...

The problem with a studios park is that the only reason people visit is for the rides and attractions. The park has no immersive theming so when the rides get old the park is forced to create new ones. Contrast that with Disneyland where the park itself is an attraction and completely immersive themeing. You could go and not ride one single ride and you'd still have a good time...I've done that on extremely busy days. People keep coming back regardless of the rides because its so enjoyable just to be in the park. Of course the rides are important too but that's my point, they are not the sole reason to visit. That was the problem with CA adventure also, which has been substantially fixed with cars land and Buena vista street. The park is enjoyable now just to visit the immaculately themed shops and restaurants and lands regardless of the rides, which are the icing on the cake.
So that's the major problem with studio Parks, that's always been why Universal studios in Hollywood was never competition for Disney in the past, people visit only for the attractions not over and over like Disney because its such a pleasure just to be there. So hopefully Disney will convert the studios park with immersively themed lands like rattatouille more and more to correct the folly that is the studio park. Universal s doing the same in Holly wood introducing Harry Potter land and maybe even a complete remodel of the upper lot in the future.

Alain Littaye said...

I couldn't have said it better than you did, Daniel! You're 100% right!

Mark Taft said...

Alain, how do you think the extension of the 20th anniversary celebration will affect the Christmas holidays at the park? Will Disney Dreams still play? And with a Christmas theme?

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I also agree with you 100% Daniel!

Xavier said...

danielz6 is right on the money. I have this classic disney experience when I eat inside Café des cascadeurs & in Toy Story Playland.