Sunday, September 2, 2012

Have a little walk through HKDL Mystic Point Path

Disney fans are awaiting the opening of the great Mystic Manor attraction scheduled for an opening at Hong Kong Disneyland Spring 2013 but in the meantime i invite you to have a little walkthrough in the path going through Mystic Point from Grizzly Trail to Toy Story Land.

The path was created to avoid two dead ends and although HKDL guests are walking between two walls of fences you see a bit in the background the works on the future new land. On this video filmed by Hong Kong Main Street Gazette you'll go from Grizzly Trail to Toy Story Land and come back. While i was watching it i was thinking that Mystic point and Toy Story Land are a bit too close together as it is such two different "worlds" but i'm afraid it's too late to change this.

Also filmed by Hong Kong Main Street Gazette the summer Mickey's Waterworks Parade in its 2012 edition and as you will see "you may get wet!"

See you soon for more news of HKDL, and in the meantime, don't miss the great HKDL Wallpapers HD App for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!
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Videos: copyright Hong Kong Main Street Gazette


Poofy and Boofer said...

Do you think there's a chance Mystic Point might be open by Chinese New Year 2013?

Alain Littaye said...

I'm not sure, but i would say "probably not", Mystic Point might open a few months after it.