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Disney and more Contest : Here are the Answers and Winners !



Hello Everyone, Here are the answers to the contest and i want to thank all of you who have participated to this contest. 205 people from all around the world sent their answers, 106 found the five right answers, and 99 unfortunately did one or more mistakes. Apparently the question 4 was the most difficult one as it is the question which had the most wrong answers. A lot of you thought that the answer was "Candy Mountain" and it was not the right answer - see below what was the right answer. However almost one on two people found the good answers to the five questions, and i hope you had fun doing this contest!
Here below are the names of the winners!

Bonjour à tous, Voici les bonnes réponses au concours et je veux remercier tous ceux d'entre vous qui ont participé au concours. 205 personnes de tous les pays ont envoyées leurs réponses, 106 ont trouvées les cinq bonnes réponses, et 99 ont fait une erreur ou plus. Apparemment la question 4 est celle qui était la plus difficile car c'est celle qui a eu le plus de mauvaises réponses, la plupart pensant que la bonne réponse était "Candy Mountain" alors que ce n'était pas le cas! Néanmoins presque une personne sur deux a trouvé les cinq bonnes réponses aux cinq questions et j'espère que ce concours a été amusant à faire!
Et maintenant voici les noms des gagnants!


Matt Hunter Ross who win one english edition of the Disneyland Paris book From Sketch to Reality

Laetitia Lapaix who win one french copy of the Disneyland Paris book From Sketch to Reality

Long-Quan Nguyen who win a copy of Disneyland Paris, 20 Years of Dreams


Et maintenant voici les bonnes réponses!

Question 1: A different Main Street U.S.A concept, set in the 1920-30's era was formerly envisioned by imagineer Eddie Sotto. Among the great ideas unfortunately cancelled there was one idea which was...

The good answer was number 1 : An elevated tramway, idea which finally appeared at Tokyo Disney Sea American Waterfront (see rendering at the top ).

Question 1: Un concept de Main Street USA basé sur une autre époque avait été envisagé par l'Imagineer Eddie Sotto mais finalement écarté. Parmi les idées annulées l'une des plus intéressants était...

La bonne réponse était la réponse 1 : Un tramway surélevé, idée reprise finalement à Tokyo Disney Sea American Waterfront ( voir le concept-art en haut de cet article )

Question 2: At DLP Frontierland, a show concept never realized, without audio-animatronics, was supposed to be created where the Pocahontas stage stands now, in the back of Frontierland. What was it?

The good answer was number 1 :  A Western stunt show, kind of Wild Wild West stunt show

You can read my previous article about it HERE and see a rendering of the envisioned show building below.

Question 2: A Frontierland, un concept de show sans audio-animatroniques, avait été envisagé à la place ou se dresse actuellement le Pocahontas Stage. Quel était le concept de ce show?

La bonne réponse était la réponse 1 : Un show de cascades western
Vous pouvez lire à ce sujet mon précédent article ICI et ci-dessous un concept-art du show building envisagé.

Question 3: At DLP Adventureland, WDI Imagineers had envisioned to transform the Swiss Robinson Tree in another attraction. Which one was it?

The good answer was number 2 : A Tarzan roller coaster
This question was not that easy but most of you found the right answer. The Tarzan "coaster" was envisioned to be build near Captain Hook's pirate ship and using in big part the Swiss Robinson Tree structure, and if i'm right it would have been an inverted coaster. Rendering below.

Question 3: A Adventureland, les imagineers avaient éventualisés de transformer l'Arbre des Robinsons Suisses en une autre attraction. Quelle était-elle?

La bonne réponse était la réponse 2) : Un roller coaster Tarzan  Cette question n'était pas forcément facile mais la plupart d'entre vous ont trouvé la bonne réponse. Il était envisagé de construire ce Tarzan "coaster" prés du bateau du Captain Hook et en utilisant en grande partie la structure de l'arbre des Robinsons. Rendering ci-dessous.

Question 4: According to Jim Hill, in DLP Fantasyland, instead of the Casey Jr ride, WDI Imagineers had envisioned to build another kind of ride, at the same location. What was it?

The good answer was number 1 : Seven Dwarfs mine train, like the one currently being built at WDW.
Yes, according to Jim in one of his recent article the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was envisioned by the imagineers in the 90's instead of the Casey Jr ride.

Question 4: D'aprés Jim Hill, à Fantasyland, les Imagineers avaient envisagés de construire à la place de l'attraction Casey Jr une autre attraction. Quelle était son nom:

La bonne réponse était la réponse 1 : Une attraction Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, comme celle qui est en train d'être construite à WDW.

Question 5: At DLP Discoveryland, WDI Imagineers had previously envisioned another name for the Space Mountain ride. What was it?

The good answer was of course number 2 : Discovery Mountain as you can see on the picture below showing Imagineers working on the project at WDI.
This one was the easiest question and also the only question which had 100% good answers!

Question 5: A Discoveryland, les Imagineers avaient au départ envisagés un autre nom pour l'attraction de Space Mountain. Quelle était ce nom?

La bonne réponse était bien sur la réponse 2 : Discovery Mountain comme vous pouvez le voir sur le panneau dans le fond de la photo ci-dessous montrant des Imagineers lors de la création de Space Mountain.
Cette question était la plus simple et aussi celle qui a reçue 100% de bonnes réponses!

Thanks again to all of you! An email will be sent soon to all of those who have participated with the "special gift" as well as the promised discount coupon to order the From Sketch to Reality book at a "special Christmas" price.
EDITING NOTE: All emails have been sent now. If you are among those who have participated to the contest and have not received my email by tomorrow,  please let me know, i will send it again to you.

Merci encore à tous! Tous les participants au concours recevront très bientôt un email avec le "spécial gift" ainsi que le coupon de réduction promis permettant d'acquérir le livre "De l'Esquisse à la Création" à un prix "spécial Noel".
NOTE: Si vous avez participé au concours et que vous n'avez pas reçu un email de moi d'ici demain, dites-le moi, je vous le renverrais.

Pictures: copyright Disney


mrshindig said...

Got all my answers correct :) but only thanks to reading your great articles along with Jim hill. Keep up the brilliant work

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Both the Tarzan Coaster and Discovery Mountain would have been awesome attractions...

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

By the way, thank you very much for the gifts Alain, they are really great!

Matt Hunter Ross said...

Merci beaucoup!

Keep up the great work, Alain!

Zaziki_79 said...

Thank you! I will cherish the book!

euros said...

The only answer i did wrong, was 4 :-) I never though that at Disneyland Paris they could build the seven dwarfs mine train.
Because it is a very expensive project and Disneyland Paris has always many financial problems since their opening day. So they can not build any more great attractions.