Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Walt Disney Studios Terrorific Night Video!

Not only there is a Halloween party at Disneyland Paris Magic Kingdom, but there is also Terrorific Nights at the WDS! And thanks to Max Fan from DLRP Welcome and D&M contributor we have a video to share with you. There was several "horror zones" and here are the list of them and at which "minutes" you will find them in the video below:

Darkness Blvd : 3mn
Rock'n'Roller Coaster : Police scientifique: 5mn30sc
Studios Tram Tour: 8mn28sc
Cinémagique "Terreurs": 21mn
spycho Blvd & whitechapel 1888 : 22mn30sc
Horror Market: 22mn45sc
Horroic Fantasy & Horror Brass Band: 23mn50sc
Crush's Coaster: 24mn48
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror: 26mn26sc
Station-service : 28mn29sc
Darkness Blvd : 30mn23sc
Surprise : 32mn45sc

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wramgle said...

AHHH, that second photo is terrifying! It's an amateur mechanic! RUN!