Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hong Kong Disneyland Update : "A Sparkling Christmas"

There we go for a new Hong Kong Disneyland update! HKDL like all Disney parks is now in its Christmas season and this year it's called "A Sparkling Christmas"! We will have a closer look at this but, before, some news about the opening date of the highly awaited Mystic Manor attraction.

I told you previously that Mystic Manor was supposed to open in spring 2013 - and it was - but HKDL apparently decided to delay the opening to next summer 2013. No precise date is known but it might be either next July - like they did with Grizzly Gulch - or eventually in June if they are ready before. I'll let you know when i will know more about the exact date.

Also, you may have read recently on other web sites some posts about HKDL second park - and it's true that the land itself is ready - but in fact don't expect a second gate at HKDL before the end of the decade. Apparently the park decided to use first all the land which is still available in the first park - which make sense - and we probably can expect new rides at HKDL magic kingdom before a second park will be built. No news yet about when this happen or what will be the new attractions.

So, HKDL started its Christmas season and they even did a press event for it last month - picture below.

Sure, HKDL will meet the Disney characters in their Christmas costume...

...but the park also introduced others characters like the gingerbread men below.

There is of course a Christmas parade called "Santa Mickey's Toy-riffic street party"... addition to the regular Flights of Fantasy parade.

There is also Christmas Carols singers on Town Square, in front of the Christmas tree. well as the HKDL band, also on Town Square, playing Christmas themes.

And of course the Christmas Illuminations ceremony with Mickey and friends.

In Fantasyland Royal Banquet Hall don't miss the Christmas buffet! By the way, talking about banquet hall, do you see in the background this statue of Belle with the Beast?

Well, now have a look at the one which is inside the new Be Our Guest restaurant in WDW New Fantasyland. It's exactly the same, except that the one in Be Our Guest is painted with colors and the one at HKDL is not.

The HKDL Hotel also have Christmas decoration including this cute gingerbread house...

...and a bit of christmas theming in the rooms.

Let's end with this pic showing a selection of HKDL Christmas merchandise!

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Chair Covers said...

The banquet hall picture reminded me of a school-opening scene in Hogwarts (Harry Potter). Would definitely love to visit Disneyland again! :D