Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Disneyland Paris Update : 20th Anniversary Extended , and more...

Here is the first Disneyland Paris update of the year, and although this year will be the one of the "20th anniversary extended" as they call it, you'll still have to wait 2014 to enjoy a brand new attraction. That said, two news that will interest you: the first one is about the big POTC rehab. The ride will be closed during two months and i'm sorry to say that those of you who are expecting the new scenes with Jack Sparrow Audio-Animatronics to be introduced during this rehab are going to be disappointed as so far no insider news is confirming this. As a matter of fact what you can expect is a major rehab of the whole ride which is a good thing as the attraction didn't had any major rehab since years. With the scheduled two months DLPI will have plenty of time to make the ride brand new again for the opening of the 2013 season. Again, although they would certainly have also enough time to introduce the Jack Sparrow scenes there is no sign that it will be done, but it also mean that a last minute decision could make it possible, so we'll see what happen but just don't count too much to have this year a Johnny Depp AA smiling at you when your POTC boat will passing by.

 The good news is that the Disney Dreams! show will continue this year - at least until September - and if you've never seen it yet in the park and want to see it in its original version you have until next April to do it as two new sequences will be introduced in the show! Apparently there will be a new Brave sequence as well as a Lion King one, and it seems that the Brave sequence won't replace a previous sequence but the Lion King one should replace the Mary Poppins sequence, very unfortunately. 

Remember that Disney announced that 2013 will be "the year of the ear"? Well, DLP is also planning to introduce the "Glow with the show" ears like they do in the U.S for World of Color so expect a lot of multi colored ears in front of you - or even at the top of your head - while you'll be watching Disney Dreams on your next visit! If you still don't know what the heck this "Glow with the Show" means, have a look at the video below.

 As i told you no new attraction are expected before the opening of the Ratatouille ride at the WDS in 2014 but the long wait of DLP fans for new attractions - and "long wait" is here an euphemism - might be soon over as apparently plenty of new things are scheduled for the years after 2014 and rides constructions should speed up, at last. More details in the future. Talking about Ratatouille, i'm sorry to say that fans wishes that the ride might open during 2013 winter will not be granted. So far, Ratatouille opening is still expected not before 2014 and when i say 2014 it probably will be "summer" 2014 and not for the season opening date which happen each year in April. Just remember that "patience is a virtue" it should help you to wait during the next 18 months...


O-Kay, let's have now a pictorial update thanks to Max Fan from DLRP Welcome and D&M contributor. Max went back at the park a few days ago on a sunny day with the kind of clear blue sky you can have in winter ( well, when it's sunny ) and there was lot of guests in the park as it was still the holiday season when Max shot these pictures. I've got also something else important to tell you after the pics, so don't go away.

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Pictures: copyright Disney or Max Fan - Dlrp Welcome


Brian said...

Nice bright sunny pictures of the park! Just one more year waiting for Ratatouille is not that long anymore, I think. Will you publish the rumours concerning the new attraction plans after Rat soon?

SWW said...

No Jack Sparrow coming to Paris' PotC is a gift and a blessing. And I'm a fan of the PotC films. But Paris' attraction, when fully functioning, is nearly perfect as is and adding the non-sensical "Where be Captain Jack Sparrow" dialogue throughout wouldn't improve it. Let one PotC remain film-free in the world.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I totally agree with you SWW.

Besides, AA Jack Sparrow doesn't seem to fit in the attraction IMO, he is too realistic and all the other Pirates AA's look like caricatures, not real people.