Friday, March 1, 2013

DLP Update! DLP Annual Stockholder Meeting, Disney Light Ears Preview Video, Ratatouille Ride, and more...

Let's end the week with a great DLP Update! Two days ago was the day of Disneyland Paris annual stockholder meeting and if you've never seen how it looks i have the pictures for you, thanks to Max Fan from Dlrp Welcome.

The meeting happened at the Newport Bay Hotel, and yes, it's always the winter in Paris so the skies are still grey and temperatures reaaaly cold - it was snowing again this week!

Direction: the convention hall ballroom which is huge and really nice.

But before entering the convention room everyone had to present his I.D.

Everyone received an electronic device to vote,  a gift coupon, a stockholder badge, and the annual report brochure.

Max was one of the first to enter the room!

Then the meeting began with giant projections behind the stage.

DLP CEO Philippe Gas answered to stockholder questions after presenting the report, talking about the future of the resort, and most of all as i told you in my previous post HERE he announced officially the Ratatouille attraction, opening in 2014 at the WDS.

But the real moment of the meeting which impressed the stockholders was the special preview of the Disney Light Ears that DLP will introduce with the Disney Dreams show.

And, guess what, thanks to Max, i have the video for you of that special moment!

Let's move to the Walt Disney Studios for the second part of this update to have a look at the Ratatouille ride works. As it is the winter you won't see on these pictures a lot of workers on the site but obviously the show building which is really huge is now ready for its theming and to install the ride inside.

A close-up to the building and what will be the ride entrance...

But since the last time that Max shot pictures some few things have changed, specially all around the top of the building.

As i've said previously don't expect the real theming of the building before spring but this will come quickly!

And now i have a surprise for you! This week the D&M Facebook page reached the 1000 "likes" - in two months and a half only, AND also Disney and more reached the milestone of Five Millions visitors since i started the site in 2007! Thanks to all of you, of course, to be faithful D&M readers!
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Pictures: copyright Max Fan


Anonymous said...

What's going on the 6th picture, the one labeled "But before entering the convention room everyone had to present his I.D." That is easily the worst themed environment I've ever seen in a Disney property. Is that some sort of backstage area? Why would they be funneling stockholders through there? Is the hotel under construction? Bad show.

Jones said...

Those Ears are one of the worst ideas Disney ever had. In had an opportunity to see them "live" just a few weeks ago when I was at DCA - imagine sitting in a dark movie theatre, trying to watch a movie - and everybody around you is wearing bright Mouse Ears that go on and off all the time... That´s how I was feeling, a huge distraction from the show (WoC), plus they are simply too bright for a night show. I understand many people like them, but for me, they almost ruined the show.

Alain Littaye said...

Jones, I think i agree with you. these Light Ears might be the prototype of the wrong good idea.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I think that the years have a nice effect when many people are using them, but the problem is that last time I've been to DL very few people were using them.

I also thought that the effect on Fantasmic was nicer than in World of color, as in Fantasmic it seemed to be much more synchronized to the show.

Anonymous said...

DLP = Best Magic Kingdom in the world!