Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Create Your Own Star Trek Movie Thanks to the New Effects of the Action Movie FX iPhone App !

Star Trek Into Darkness grossed nearly $84 M in its first four days and the movie fully deserves them as it is a real good one as i told you previously in my review. I've watched it again this week-end and it's just as good the second time than it was the first. This is due not only to the brilliant direction of J..J Abrams and the excellent script but also to all the actors who are playing extremely well. Not to mention the quality of the editing, the visual effects, etc... If you've not watched yet Star Trek Into Darkness , go ahead, you shouldn't be disappointed.

That said, Bad Robot, the company of J..J Abrams and the publisher of the highly popular Action Movie FX App - available on the iTunes AppStore - did an update of the App with five new FX and all are Star Trek effects! The five Star Trek visual effects are : Enterprise fly over, Warp effect, Photon torpedoes, Teleportation, and Phasers guns, this last one not show in the video below. So, you certainly won't do a whole Star Trek movie with this, and considering that it is just a smart phone app the FX obviously have huge limits but you still can have some fun with them and film your own short Star Trek movie, and to show you how it looks i did a short video for you. Although it's just an iPhone app, you'll probably be surprised by what it is possible to do now with a simple phone... and a bit of editing magic with iMovie.

Picture: copyright Paramount Pictures

Video: copyright Disney and more

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