Saturday, May 11, 2013

MORE Awesome Disneyland Paris Apple Maps App Aerial Pictures - Part Two

It seems that you enjoyed my previous article with the Disneyland Paris aerial pictures now available on the Apple iPhone iPad "Maps" App with the "3D fly over" feature, so here is more awesomeness and this time we will have also a look at the hotels of the resort. As usual, click on each to see the screen captures in big size. If you've missed the first part with aerial pictures of the parks you'll find it HERE.

The picture below is an interesting one as it shows how close DLM Magic Kingdom is from the french villages nearby.

On the picture below, the Disneyland Paris hotels around the Disney lake.

The next screen shot shows DLP Disney Village from above with the new World of Disney store at the bottom and the balloon on the lake, at the other end of the Disney Village.

Below, some shots showing the Disney Village and the hotels around lake Disney from a more vertical point, and on different angles. On the first picture below the Newport Bay Hotel is on the bottom left, the Sequoia Lodge Hotel on the center and bottom right and the New York Hotel on the top right.

The picture below shows the Newport Bay Hotel front facade.

The hotels around the lake are not the only one, you also have the Cheyenne and Santa Fe hotels which are close to the New York Hotel and it's the ones you can see on the top left or the left of the pictures below, near DLP main parking lot..

But there is also more affordable hotels located not that far from the Cheyenne and the Santa Fe and these are the ones you see on the pictures below.

The shot below is interesting as you cans ee on the same picture DLP Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney Studios, Disney Village and the lake with the hotels around it, the Cheyenne and Santa Fe hotels near DLP parking lot AND the others non-Disney hotels on the top right.

Let's go back at the parks entrance and on the pictures below you have the Disney Village on the center left, DLP Magic Kingdom on the bottom right and the WDS park on the center top.

We'll end with this great one showing the Disneyland Paris Hotel and Fantasia Gardens, and if you wonder what is this white structure just under it, on the right, it's the train station, located at 30 meters from the entrance. Very convenient when you stay in Paris and come to the park with the train.

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Pictures: copyright Apple Maps App - Tom Tom

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