Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer received yesterday a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star and  Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise joined him for the special ceremony outside the El Capitan Theater. Johnny did a short speech and here is a short video of it as well as sound bits from Jerry Bruckheimer.


Anonymous said...

Now Jerry and the Real Tonto have their Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Congratulations Jerry and Jay.

Anonymous said...

John Voight on the left, was Fabulous in the "Return to Lonesome Dove" saga, as Captain Call. I hope this will be Jerrys second "Big Hit Western" after Culpepper Cattle Company when he first got film credit years ago. Tom Cruise had his Western in "Far and Away" with Nicole. Good luck Johnny on your new role as Tonto. PD

Anonymous said...

Tom Cruise would make a Great Billy the Kid, as they are about the same size. Bob Dylan used to look just like him in the Sam Peckinpah movie "Pat Garret and Billy the Kid", more so than Kris Kristofferson did. Hope Disney makes more Westerns and expands Frontierland and retakes the island.