Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Editor's Note: After reading the great "Tomorrowland at Disneyland opening day" article below, don't miss Mice Age today's update as the article will tell you more about upcoming attractions for Disneyland and DCA - as well as confirming what i announced to you a few weeks ago about the Soarin' and the Star Tours updates.  

Also, I know that most of you are awaiting my article about DLP future - and i will post it soon - but if you want to know a bit more about why new DLP attractions investments have been put on hold this quote from Mice Age article will give you a clue of the reasons why, that i explain in details in my upcoming article: 
"And Jay Rasulo as Disney’s CFO has been telling New York bankers for the past year that Disney is scaling back on their parks investments after going big with over 1 Billion at DCA in recent years, plus two new cruise ships, Aulani, and New Fantasyland. After that much capital expenditure, the Wall Street crowd wants to see a company scale back and earn back some of that investment before they announce more spending."

As i was saying last week to someone on the D&M Facebook page: to understand what is happening for DLP future you have to look in the right direction which means: don't think about DLP, but about the WDC. 

More about all this soon!

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thebosdj said...

So no investment in europe because of the investment in the USA. Why has WDC built Euro Disney? To support the market of Disey in Europe. The current state of such a big park isn't good for the Disney branch. I'm sure that Walt himself wouldn't accept that a park was left in a bad shape like this. But yeah, WDC just want to earn money for the licensing. They see only $$$ in Europe. Like the intrest of 4% on the loan to "help" Dlp.