Monday, August 26, 2013

Mark the Dates of a 2015 Summer Movies Awesomeness

I'm not sure we will see again a year of movie awesomeness as 2015 will be. Pirates of Caribbean 5, Star Wars 7, Avengers 2, Superman - Batman movie, Terminator 5, Independence Day 2 - all strong Hollywood licenses - and not to mention the awaited animated Pixar's Inside Out, and many more will be released Summer 2015 - and there is more great ones to come all along the year -  and the only thing missing would be an Indiana Jones 5 - although this one seems to be in project too but not for a 2015 release. But when exactly will all these awesome movies be released ? Well, the Studios have choose the dates and here they are so you can mark the dates right now!

"Avengers 2 Age of Ultron" will be the first one to open the Summer season with a release scheduled for May 1, 2015. Joss Whedon directs again and all Avengers of the first film should be back - except apparently Jeremy Renner / Hawkeye - plus two new Avengers heroes Scartlett Witch and The Falcon.

On May 29, Paramount will release "Monsters Truck" directed by Chris Wedge and this one is a new license for Paramount who understood that audiences love movies with cars whether it's real ones - Fast and Furious - or alien looking ones - Transformers - so it might be a sleeper which could do well at the box office...

On June 17 Pixar will release the highly awaited "Inside Out" animated feature, a film told from the perspective of the emotions inside the mind of a little girl. It's a Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera and it sure will be one the most surprising animated movie in  animation history!

One week later, on June 25 Terminator 5 will be released and, yes, Arnold Schwartzenneger will be back once again as the Terminator!

In Between, on June 19, Fox - Ubisoft will release their video game adaptation project "Assassin's Creed". I'm not specially awaiting this one but i'm sure plenty of fans of the video game do.

Let's move to July as on July 3 will be released Independence Day 2  the sequel of Roland Emmerich most successful movie. No need to say that Aliens and more Earth landmarks destruction will be on the menu.

Just one week after Pirates of Caribbean "Dead Men Tell No Tales" will be released on July 10, directed by Joachim Ronning and of course with Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. 

And if all this was not enough, the awaited Batman-Superman feature will arrive in theaters on July 17, directed by Zack Snyder with Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman - if there is no changes for this one as Batman fans are absolutely furious to have Ben Affleck playing Batman.

And lat but not least, if you're a Smurfs fans, the third Smurfs movie will be released on July 24.  

And what about Star Wars Episode 7, you ask? Well the cherry on the top of the cake - and it's a big cherry - is now supposed to be released early December 2015 partly to avoid this 2015 summer mega blockbusters battle and also to give more time to J.J Abrams as the timing seems to be apparently a little bit short for a summer release.

But that's not all for 2015 as a Fantastic Four movie is planned for March 6, Marvel's Ant Man as well as the new James Bond for November 6, Pixar's Finding Dory on November 28, Kung Fu Panda 3 on December 23 AND Jurassic Park 4, Mission Impossible 5, Prometheus 2, Doc Savage as well as Crouching Dragon Hidden Tiger 2 have yet a release date to be announced not counting a Popeye and a Warcraft movies also coming in 2015.

Wow, that's a LOT of movies with a  potential to be good movies. Will they be really? They better be as if they're not great - considering the cost of each of them - 2015 as predicted by Seven Spielberg not that long ago could mark the end of Hollywood as we know it...That said, it will be for sure a gigantic box office war considering that almost each of these will be released one week after another. Not sure there will be enough theaters for all of them, but if they're all great it should be a delight of awesomeness!

And what about YOU? Which one are you planning to see?


Jones said...

Inside Out - and that´s it. I have lost all interest in tentpole franchise flicks (I have never managed to sit through an entire J.J. Abrams movie, so Star Wars is dead for me, too.)
I sincerely hope that most of them will bomb - so that maybe, just maybe Hollywood will start making real movies again. This has nothing to do with hate - I do not *hate* that type of movie (hate should be reserved for worthy adversaries, not for a piece of entertainment) - but I *hope* that Hollywood will one day start making movies for grown ups again.

Rafael said...

Well, I get what you are saying, but I can't help feeling a bit sick and tired of all the sequels and super-heroes. Don't get me wrong! I really like these movies, but... it seems I'm having enough.

Alain Littaye said...

I have to say that i agree with you too, i have nothing against sequels when they're really good ( which unfortunately is less and less the case ) but i really would like movies for grown ups again, what is cinema at its best when it's done by great and most of all REAL directors and not "wannabe directors" as Spielberg called them recently.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood's sequel greed is killing itself. More than half of these are lame.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Wow! I'm really looking forward to most of these movies, it's going to be a really awesome year at the cinemas!!!

The ones I'm most looking forward too are Star Wars, Avengers and Ant Man, and the ones I have no interest in watching are Iside Out and Finding Dori... by the way, two Pixar movies in a year, that unusual!

Not so long ago I always anxiously waited the whole year for the new Pixar movie to be released and was never disappointed, but recently I completely lost interest in the upcoming Pixar projects, with the exception of the Dia de Los Muertos movie, this one has the potential to be awesome if they do it right.

I'm not sure about POTC 5, the title is great and I think that it has the potential to be a great movie, but the last three Pirates were a big disappointment to me, especially the third. The only Pirates movie that was great was the first, so I hope that they get more inspiration from it.

Well, even though I'm really excited about most of these movies, I do think that maybe they will saturate the audience, because its too much being released in sequence, but who knows...

Allan said...

I am not holding my breath for POTC5. Especially after The Lone Ranger which I did not watch but heard enough bad reviews and decided I have better things to do than waste 2.5 hours on this.

I am not against sequels. They can be good and Marvel has been doing things right with their movies.

I also like more artistic movies and I am sorry Ben Affleck has decided to do Batman. He is a better director than actor and I wish he was directing another project.

Thank God for Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese. This pair still make wonderful and original movies.

Is Spielberg complaining about sequels while producing Jurassic Park 4 at the same time?

Anonymous said...

Is the public really going to spend enough money to support all these summer mega-expensive movies? Most people i know don't go to the movies every single week. A lot of these movies are going to cost well over $150-200 million. It is one thing to have a few mega-movies at a time, but this seems like a whole lot of them back-to-back in the summer. I'm worried that the studio execs will blame the movies themselves (even if they are good) instead of the understanding they have overloaded the schedule and have too many mega movies in the same summer.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I'm also really looking forward to the new James Bond movie!