Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bob Iger talks on CNBC about the future of Disney, HKDL, SDL, and more

Two good news for Hong Kong Disneyland: the first one is that it seems the park didn't suffer too much of typhoon Usagi. Sure, some trees fell down, but the typhoon did not affect Hong Kong as much as they fear probably because it made landfall not directly on Hong Kong but a little bit higher, meaning that the winds were probably less strong when it arrived over Hong Kong.

The second good news came from Bob Iger as during his interview last night on CNBC with Jim Cramer he declared, basically, that Disney will continue to invest in HKDL - something we would be happy to hear him saying about Disneyland Paris!

Here is the transcript of the part of the interview when he talks about HKDL and SDL and you have the full interview embedded below: "Hong Kong Disneyland is doing extremely well. That's an opportunity not only in terms of growing the company long term but i think there are great opportunities to invest even further in that marketplace. You're right,TDL, i'm going there in a couple of weeks, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, incredible. Very strong returns for a company. We're building a theme park in Shanghai, Pudong, i can't think of an opportunity for a company i'm more excited about because the opportunity to take that great theme park experience and Disney in its most immersive form to the most populous country in the world i think is extraordinary for the company, not just when it opens but for a long time to come because there is great opportunity to expand after we open..."

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Allan said...

New HKDL vice-president of operations Damien Lee said he expects record attendance in the 2012-13 financial year.

Let's just hope HKDL announce its expansion plans soon. We are still the smallest Disneyland and we can't even compare with DCA. The only Disney park we beat in terms of attendance is poor WDS.