Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Walt Disney Studios Ratatouille Ride Update

I've got a big pictorial update for you today on the WDS Ratatouille ride, thanks to Max Fan, D&M contributor and Dlrp Welcome webmaster! So, there we go, let's move through the park entrance at opening time - Max was that day the very first guest to enter the park...

...and here we are, and as you will see the works on the Parisian facades is on some of them almost over; As a Parisian myself and knowing Paris building architecture i can tell you that DLP Imagineers  are doing a real good job in the making of these "fake" facades.

As you can see on the pictures above they start to remove the scaffoldings but on the part located on the right hand side where will be located part of the queue line and the merchandise shop they still have some works to do.

That said, may be once finished we'll have some visual intrusion... The picture below was shot from the entrance of Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Of course what we see the first is the tower of Toy Story Playland Parachute Drop...

...but if we zoom in the picture you'll see in the background the top of a Ratatouille building with metallic structure on the top of it, on which will be placed a giant sign / billboard that surely guests will see from the TOT entrance. That said, comparing to the Parachute Drop tower visual intrusion it will be nothing and probably even help WDS guests to find the Ratatouille area as it is located in a corner and not obvious to find for someone who don't know the park.

This week's DLP update is not over so come back tomorrow for the part two at DLP magic Kingdom. In the meantime I remind you that the Disneyland Paris book - in which you have the whole park in 320 pages with 750 photos including 250 WDI renderings - is still available but that unfortunately there is now less than TEN copies of the Disneyland Paris From Sketch to Reality book available in its ENGLISH collector's edition - the FRENCH edition is also available - so if you don't own the book yet, it's really now or never! 

And there is a special price right now with a $45 / 40€ discount on the normal price, so order your collector copy while there is still copies available as it's really the last english collector copies. You'll find below a one click Paypal button as well as a video showing the whole book. Also, you can have more infos about this gorgeous 320 pages book HERE.

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Picture: copyright Max Fan - DLRP Welcome

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