Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Amazing Infrared "Dream" Pictures of Disneyland Paris - Photos by Neil Massey

God knows that since seven years i've posted hundreds of pictures of Disneyland Paris on literally every angle and showing the park during any season. And it becomes difficult to find new pictures showing the park in a different way. So, you'll understand why i was happy when Neil Massey sent me this amazing Infrared pictures of DLP. The Infrared process makes DLP Magic Kingdom look unreal, just like if you were in a dream, i think that Neil did an great job, and that's why i'm happy to post them here on Disney and more. Hope you'll like them too!

But first, what are Infrared pictures? According to what Neil posted on his site HERE where you can see additional pictures: "Infrared photography (IR) is a unique subset of imagery mainly for landscape photography. Using an infrared camera, i am able to take images from the infrared spectrum. This is sometimes called near-infrared photography so not to be confused with thermal imaging which is called far-infrared.

An infrared camera needs two things; for the cameras sensor to be exposed and an infrared passing filter to be fitted so that to block the visible light spectrum. With this it allows you to see a landscape like nothing you have seen before. This dream like effect is called the ‘wood effect’ named after Robert W. Wood who was a leading pioneer in infrared and ultraviolet photography". 

Knowing all this, let's start this "Infrared tour" of DLP like you have never seen it before, and click on each picture to enjoy them in bigger size!

You can see more Infrared pictures on Neil's website HERE and can even order some special prints if you wish!

Pictures: copyright Neil Massey

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