Tuesday, November 19, 2013

WHY you should NOT Participate to the Infamous "Best Theme Park Website of the Year" Poll

The Behind the Thrills website is doing, like he do each year, its "best theme park website of the year" poll and everyone can vote for his favorite theme park website. 48 websites have been "nominated" and are in the poll list, and guess what, Disney and more is not in the list, just like it was not the year before and also the year before, etc...

His "criterias" to be "nominated" in the poll list are these ones:

As each faithful reader of D&M will have understood these four criterias qualify Disney and more to be in the poll list, and D&M is still not in, year after year. Considering all this i strongly recommend each fan of Disney and more to DON'T participate to the poll even if plenty of others website, starting by Screamscape of Mice Age deserves to win the "title". To have Disney and more in the list, and to win or not win, won't change anything for D&M and is no big deal, but i do care about fairness and it would have been fair to include it, specially considering his four "criterias" to be in the list. Obviously this guy is not doing his job correctly, so why participate to a poll which is obviously biased?

Here below is the message that i just sent to him:

"Hello, I'm Alain Littaye, webmaster of Disney and more and i'm writing you about your "best theme park" poll.

Disney and more exist since seven years ( first criteria ) and since SEVEN years is posting each day an update ( second criteria ) with regular pictorial updates about theme parks whether it is Disneyland Paris or others, like Hong Kong Disneyland, TDL, TDS, etc... In addition Disney and more is considered as the best source for Imagineering infos as well as unique Imagineering report ( third criteria ). Disney and more is read by 3500 to 5000 readers every day and for most of them its their favorite website. D&M is also on Facebook since one year ( fourth criteria ) and even if Disney and more exist as i've said since seven years, it's still not in your list for the poll, just like it wasn't in last year, and the year before, etc...

The most funny is that D&M is one of the sites to which Screamscape - a great website indeed who deserves to have been elected "best theme park web site" the last three years - is linking the most.

Don't get me wrong, i don't give  a damn'  to have Disney and more being in your poll list or not. If D&M was in the poll, it'll be fair and if it's not it won't change anything for D&M.
But i DO give a damn' when someone don't do its job correctly and that's exactly what's happening. There is still the possibility that you've never heard of Disney and more in the last seven years, which is even worst because not only you've missed unique updates that you won't have found anywhere else and that you would have enjoyed a lot like my 4000 readers do each day, but it also mean that you shouldn't do this poll because obviously you're not qualified for the job."


Thorsten said...

Unbelievable !

Well...Alain...I think you have

a) the best DLP Paris website


b) the best book about DLP

So you are my winner anyway !

Matt Hunter Ross said...


Additionally, I would say THE best - if not tied for the best - of any theme park site out there. And it keeps getting better!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alain!
I think that this is very unfair. I read D&M daily and love it as well as your book. You would have really deserved to win!
One can always hope for next year. . .

TMH said...

Those polls are ridiculous. This is, without a doubt, one of the best theme parks sites (along with Imagineering Disney & Passports2Dreams, neither of which are on there, I think). Thank you for continuously posting intelligent and informative content.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Disney and more is for me the best site for information of non US Disney parks and Imagineering.

Thanks a lot for all the great daily posts Alain!

Anonymous said...

Disney and more is to me the best theme park site and it definetely deserves to be in the poll list.

Thanks for all the great posts Alain.

Anonymous said...

Disney and More has been one of the ABSOLUTE best particularly for International Disney park news. It was huge in helping know if it would be OK to plan my Hong Kong trip this summer (if Mystic Manor would be open by then).

Absolutely ridiculous that your site wouldn't be listed. To me it is the international equivalent of Miceage.

Anonymous said...

Who is 'Behind the Thrills'? I'm not familiar with them.


I vote for Disney and More for my favorite site.


Daniel McNeely said...

Disney and More is one of my favorite sites and I'm surprised it didn't make the list. You're my Go To source anything Disney related and I have a copy of your book on my coffee table. :)

Daniel McNeely said...

Disney and More is my Go To source for all Disney related inquires. I also have your fabulous book on my coffee table.

Thanks for all the great Theme park news you post. I'm surprised you didn't make the list.

Richard said...

For someone who claims not to give a damn, you certainly seem to be making a fairly big deal of it. There are no doubt dozens if not hundreds of websites which also aren't nominated. Just because a site meets the criteria does not mean that they should automatically be included. Many people meet the criteria for public office and submit themselves for consideration, but not all make the ballot. To urge people not to take part in a poll simply because you were not included is, quite honestly, a bit childish. Do what you do because you love it, and don't worry so much about who does or does not recognize your work. You'll be happier. Trust me.

Alain Littaye said...

Well, i was really angry when i posted this! But i can assure you it's not a question of ego. And yes, of course there is dozens of others websites out there talking about theme parks, but there is not that many who are posting every day. My point was about doing a job correctly. If they choose 50 or so websites to participate in a poll about websites talking about theme parks, then Disney and more deserves to be in the 50 which are "nominated". But that's no big of a deal anyway, and at least i learned that the guys doing this poll have never heard about D&M before!

Anonymous said...

I saw the poll on screamscape and went to vote for you after thinking how always the most interesting articles I read are on your site. For many years I have loved reading your updates. Hopefully your letter will get noticed.

Nick Hines