Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Disneyland Paris - Ratatouille Ride Update

There we go for a new DLP pictorial update, with plenty of pictures of the Ratatouille site, thanks to Max Fan, D&M contributor and Dlrp Welcome webmaster. As you will see, things have changed on the parisian facades since last update. But first let's walk through the Walt Disney Studios towards the Ratatouille ride and on our way we'll have a look to the decors inside the Studio 1 all inspired by famous Hollywood buildings, shops or restaurants.

There we are, and among the differences since last time you'll see the finition on the facades, aging of the buildings, painting of some of them and the outside of what will be the ( real ) restaurant.

Before leaving, let's go at the Disneyland Park for a quiet ride aboard the horse-drawn street car all along Main Street.

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Pictures and video: copyright Max Fan - Dlrp Welcome

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Anonymous said...

There are only five light bulbs to maintain on the park's gateway arch. How difficult is it to replace one with a cherrypicker before park opening. Get your act together, Eurodisney SLC.

The aged parts of the Parisian facade are looking good, though.