Monday, December 30, 2013

Short ratatouille Ride Update !

We're going to end the year almost like we started it with these new pictures of the works on the Ratatouille construction site, shot yesterday Dec 29 by Max, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster. The fences that you see in the foreground on the picture above and below are around the works on the fountain that will be in the center of this parisian plaza.

If you look well you'll see in the background  on the bottom right some scaffolding which are located where the ride entrance will be. DLP imagineers are currently finishing the theming on this entrance so that's why this is there and soon the entrance will be finished and unveiled.

As we talk about DLP, i remind you that there is only two days left before the incredible promo on the new updated ENGLISH edition of the Disneyland Paris book at 55€ only ends January 1st!

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Disneyland Paris From Sketch to Reality - Include shipping

Pictures: copyright Max Fan, DLPWelcome

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