Thursday, March 13, 2014

Best Video Of Refurbished Disneyland Big Thunder Mountain !

ThemeParkHD who always filmed the best HD videos is back from the new Big thunder Mountain at Disneyland and thanks to excellent low light footage he succeeded to film what is so far the best video of the refurbished ride - don't miss the excellent shot of the bats at the start.

Not only that, he very intelligently filmed what you can see on the left and right of the train and the wide angle lens help to see the animals, the original antiques props found and installed 35 years ago by Pat Burke, etc... The sky was not blue at Anaheim today but it's of no importance considering how great is the filming! Go ahead,  and watch it in 1080P HD and full screen mode!


Video: copyright ThemeParkHD

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Jaber said...


but to be honest, I've been to all BTMs but non of them can beat Paris version, it's the best even without all these effects