Thursday, April 3, 2014

Disneyland Paris WDS Ratatouille Update

Here we go for a new update on the WDS Ratatouille ride with the latest pictures from Max Fan, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster. Theming on the facades is almost totally finished and rumors keep saying that soft openings for annual pass holders are expected for the last week of JUne although noting yet has been officially announced.

This Ratatouille mini-land will have a merchandise shop called "Chez Marianne" - the building on the left on the picture below - and recently new lights have been fixed on the walls outside as well as fresh painting on the facade.

On the picture below, the Gusteau's sign structure shot from Toy Story Playland. Trees have been added too to hide the Toy Story Playland building nearby.

The awaited fountain is currently being installed!

No new painting since last week to be noticed on the facades buildings of the right side of the plaza.

Close to the "Chez Remy" restaurant, a new outside lamp appeared and the "Chez Remy" sign has been wrapped for protection...

But on this facade the lamps are not yet installed and will be probably anytime soon.

Trees have been installed near the entrance of the attraction, but the awaited attraction sign was not in place yet when Max shot the pictures.

Editing 4/3: The Attraction sign is now in place as you can see on the picture below posted on the Facebook page of Disney Central Plaza HERE.

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Pictures: copyright Max Fan

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