Tuesday, April 22, 2014

DLP Fans Report Unveil in Details Plans for DLP Future

Geoffrey Von Ruffenach, a Disneyland Paris fan, has posted on Sunday an incredibly detailed report about DLP future. This report is coming out of a long investigation during several months and he got the infos from different sources. It includes plenty of good news about DLP future and, as i received many emails asking me what i think about it, i will tell you in a few seconds my feeling about this long report which is available in french in a PDF file on their Facebook page HERE and in english with a pretty good translation and summary HERE.

But first, what is he saying in this long report? I post below a summary of it and you can read a longer version in english HERE or in french HERE

Probably the most important thing from the report is the fact that the WDC, and Tom Staggs in particular, would have agreed that there was no other way to resolve the DLP problem than to offer to DLP a big financial plan ( "offer" is not really the right word here as the WDC will probably do a new kind of loan to DLP ), something that should have been done since a long time if Disney didn't had to resolved first the placemaking of Disney's California Adventure and the expansion of Hong Kong Disneyland. Now that it's done the last theme park problem - and the last big mistake from the Eisner era - are the Walt Disney Studios. According to their report an announcement of this big plan should be done in the coming weeks or months.

In terms of attractions, now, what are the plans? At the Disneyland park Space Mountain should be closed for six months early 2015 and get new trains, as well as new show elements and effects. The storyline might return to the original one "From the Earth to the Moon" and, if confirmed, this will be indeed a very good news ( let's hope they'll also put back the original music score ). 

From the mid 2015 to 2016 Star Tours should be - finally! - upgraded to Star Tours 3D : the Adventure Continues. Note that this won't mean a Star Wars Land will be built at the same time as it is scheduled for later.

Big Thunder Mountain will have a long refurbishment between early 2016 to early 2017 which will include the addition of one more wagon per train to increase the ride capacity. Rumors too about an interactive queue that could be installed, like they did at WDW MK. Hope, if they do it,  that they won't destroy Pat Burke wonderful queue theming...

Others rumors are saying that Frontierland Rivers of the far West could be drained which could allow the geysers effect to be back as it was on DLP opening day. From what i know they don't really need to empty the rivers to resolve the geysers effect, but let's say they need it...

The financial plan from the Walt Disney Company will serve, first, for a major placemaking at the WDS with a re-themed Backlot which will have a new theme and new storyline around Marvel Super Heroes. Nothing new so far as i told you about this since a long time. But what i didn't told you is what they add in their report, i.e new facades in the area will make it look like Times Square. The Rock & Rollercoaster's facade will also be rethemed to look like the Daily Bugle and riders will soar amongst NY skyscrapers with Spiderman in this re-themed ride. The coaster track should remain exactly the same so we're talking here only about a re-theming of the ride. The Moteurs, Action stunt show will also receive a new theme around the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and the Armageddon attraction nearby should be rethemed to the Fantastic Four. 

Why the Fantastic Four? First, a new FF reboot movie will be coming soon and, two, because if you remember it well in the Fantastic Four origins everything start when they're in space going through a storm of cosmic rays which provoke their mutation. So, may be they're thinking to keep the Space Station decor but with a totally different theme and storyline, as well as new effects. So far, this Backlot re-theming may look like good news - and it's not bad ones, i agree - but it will bring only a retheming and not really brand new attractions so don't get too excited about that part.

However, a new attraction should come to Toy Story Playland and it's the long rumored Toy Story Mania. I have to say that i'm not very enthusiastic about that, as even if TSM is pretty popular with DCA, DHS and TDS guests i think that it would have been better to use the budget for it for another ride. Anyway, i'm not the one choosing the rides for the WDS so let' go for Toy Story Mania.

Always thanks to the WDC financial plan the WDS Front Lot and Studio 1 will be reimagined to create a better immersive experience, closer to what were the Disney Studios in the 1930's. Placemaking is awaited too on Hollywood Blvd, la Place des Stars and Animation Courtyard to make them more immersive.

All of this above was for what should come between 2015 and 2017. Their report also detailed what is envisioned for after 2017 but this is less certain due to changes that time and reality often bring.

In two words: A Halloween and Christmas season might be introduced in the WDS and a former "California Dream" festival might do its come back. 

Star Wars Land should finally come in the back of DLP Discoveryland ( no date specified ) 

A new 2000 seats theater might be build on the right of It's a Small World to allow shows all year long ( i think they should keep the money and the land to build something more interesting, if you ask me )

Soarin' which was originally envisioned to be built at WDS between Ciné Magique and Stitch Live could come at DLP Adventureland in its Shanghaî Disneyland "Soaring over the Horizon" version and its location would be between the Indy temple and POTC.  This might look like a good news but it's also a bad one as the land on which they intend to built it is the one that was kept to build Indiana Jones Adventure. It means that IJA will never be built at DLP, and this is probably the biggest mistake that DLP can do. We know they are reluctant to build it because of the attraction cost and the maintenance cost but, still, it's a mistake. And when i hear like i did recently that the cost of Toy Story mania could be up to $200M because apparently they would like to double the track for a bigger ride capacity, i can't stop thinking that these $200M would be better used by building Indiana Jones Adventure at DLP instead than TSM at the WDS. 

Anyway... always in Adventureland the Jack Sparrow Audio-Animatronics might be installed finally in POTC... not sure if it wouldn't be a better idea to keep the original version...

At the WDS, and always after 2017, a big E-Ticket ride themed on the Avengers should be introduced and rumor is saying that it could use the same technology than the one Universal used for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, which in the case of an Avengers ride could be indeed an excellent idea. 

A new hotel integrated to the WDS park - like the one at DCA or at TDS - is also envisioned.

Hollywood Blvd might become a real street leading to a hub and have its own Tramway with shows and restaurants, too.

And, last but not least, an Avatar Land might be built at the WDS and would be the final part of the WDS enhancements, i.e don't expect it for tomorrow. 

In terms of entertainment, now, the Disneyland Park will host 4 distinct seasons each year and you can read more about this in english HERE or in french in the PDF HERE as well as very interesting things about the multi years refurbishment plan for the hotels, which is still going on, and what they intend to do in the Disney Village. 

Now, what do i think about all this? I think it's all true, i think he didn't invented anything and i think the report is reliable and that he did a real good job of investigation. And i know he didn't invented anything mainly because i knew by different sources almost all of what they're saying in this report ( apart the Soarin' over the Horizon at Adventureland which was the only thing i didn't know ). So, yes, it's good news and DLP fans can be happy, especially for what is announced in the report between now and 2017. But anything after 2017 must be taken with caution as it's more "blue sky" projects than anything "dead sure". It doesn't mean that what he says in the report will not happen as some of the "after 2017" plans will very probably happen - like the Avengers ride, for instance - it just mean that what this report is saying is a view of what DLP has in mind at the time Geoffrey has written it, in this case April 2014. So don't come to blame him in some years if what he's said don't happen because it won't be his fault. Again, he's just reporting what he's been told, and what he's been told are the current DLP - or WDC - plans at the time we're talking. 

Picture: copyright Max Fan - DLP Welcome


Zarniwoop said...

What, and they're going to keep Buzz in Discoveryland? No no, Buzz must move to Toy story playground, and perhaps Toy Story mania could be forgotten.

They need more capacity for Crush Coaster.. 90 min line even on a slower day is a failure. And there is a need for second slide for RC Racer.. now the ride is too short for too long wait.

Sorarin' to Advertureland... come on.

mr.Lime said...

To be honest, I sounds like a 'best of the rumours collected from various DLP-fans forums'.

The biggest fantasy I read in all this was the Soarin' in Adventureland ... NO WAY this will happen. IF they'll ever build the attraction in DLP, it'll be in WDS and it'll be called Avatar: Soarin' over Pandora.

The only thing that really sounds realistic is the new Star Tours 3D, which might indeed open its doors early 2016 ... since Star Wars VII will be in theaters in December 2015.

And yes, even DLP's president confirmed long ago that they were planning to add TSMania. So no big surprise over there. But this'll surely happen after they added a Marvel-theme in WDS Backlot.

While we're on the subject, why would RnRCoaster become a Spiderman coaster and no Iron Man coaster? Isn't it Iron Man who flies through the sky accompanied by the sound of loud rock music?

And wouldn't it be easier and economically more money-gaining if they closed down Armageddon and used the building for a Avengers meet & greet + Marvel merchandise store?

All I'm saying is that the whole article sounds like a big DLPfan's dream, with (too) few touches of realism in it. Didn't we read about the same spectacular expansion plans after Tower of Terror just opened its doors? And what have we received since then ... TSPlayland and two meet & greets in Fantasyland.

So please don't get your hopes up too high.
I'll already be very happy if Star Wars got upgraded before the summer of 2016.

Anonymous said...

Please... Indy is for Adventureland. Not Soarin. :( For the other part it is great news. Finaly.

Alain Littaye said...

Listen, yes they are 30 years old fans, and i don't know them personally, but all their infos are coming from insiders sources ( some being the same than mine, apparently ). What is reliable and will happen most probably is all the part about projects
up to 2017.... according that the WDC really give new money at DLP to be used in the parks.
All what is about "after 2017" is blue sky projects - which indeed exist , i mean they didn't invented them and it's really what DLP intend to do AT THE TIME WE'RE TALKING but too many things can happen between now and far away dates to consider these projects to be 100% sure to happen. But in these "after 2017" projects, the Avengers ride will more than probably happen, as well as Star Wars Land which i agree, is no big surprise.

But, again, a lot will depend of the announcement ( or not ) that the WDC will invest more money in the
park ( or not ). Something that we should know quite quickly, according to this report... So let's wait a bit more and see...

Alain Littaye said...

One more word about Soarin' coming in Adventureland. I know it sounds unbelievable but on the other hand this is what they're going to do at Shanghaî Disneyland. Personally i have to say that i'm still wondering how they will theme Soarin' to transform it in an Adventureland ride. The Soarin' mechanism itself ( where guests are seated ) is so big, that i can't see what story they will invent to justify to have it in Adventureland. We'll have the answer at the end of 2015 when SDL will open, i suppose. But sacrifying the land for Indy to put Soarin' instead is in any ways a big, big BIG mistake.

Alain Littaye said...

To Mr Lime: Yes, Iron Man would have worked fine instead of Spiderman for a RNRC retheming but they probably keep Iron Man to use it in the Avengers ride, where Spiderman can't be include...

David said...

Thanks for sharing and commenting the report. What is missing, and what I'm really wondering about is the future of the Captn EO building. Its closed now permanently and the most obvious question mark in the parks. Any news about its future?

Unknown said...

ok, I have to say that I'm not a big fan of the news!Sure, it's good news and very important that DLP gets some money to invest in the park but I don't like what they plan to do with it (if the infos are true!)..... another toystory attraction?? what a disappointment, i mean come on?! There are already so much attractions and a whole land for just one film - a film that is quite cool but still? I would prefer to get an Ariel Ride in Fantasyland or something about Beauty and the Beast, Lion King or Aladdin?! Aren't those great Disney classics which would could inspire so much different rides/attractions? Also the news about Spiderman.... correct me if I'm wrong but since when Spiderman is Disney?!
Genreally I think they really should focus on the Disneyfilm-Theaming because that's the main thing that makes Disney Parks stand out of other parks!
I also don't like the idea of Soarin' which i think will be another boaring attraction. The should stick to the INdiane Jones Plan or maybe do a Tarzan ride - gernerally I think they should focus more on rides than on shows an cinemastyle attractions that claim to be 'rides'.

Still, I like the news about Space Mountain an d Big Thunder Mountain, two of my favourite attractions !!

Thank for the update !!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Alain for the sharing of our articlee.

But just one point or two,

First I'm only one person (I think lol) Geoffrey is my real name and Jeff my surname ;)

Second, you seems to have a lot of question about Soarin' in Adventureland.
From what we have heard, the ride will be themed with some ties with Indiana Jones (the planes travels scenes) and have a very 40's spirit in it.
And from what I understood, the opening et ending scene would be different from the US version of the "over Horizon" movie to better tie with this style, while the rest might be the same : flight over old historic places.
Finally, one important thing, we only said behind the Temple, there are other places available than the one marked for IndyAdventure. One that could be far better to hide the huge show building, and I'm sure you know guess where ;)

Thanks again for your sharing and your support, it's always a pleasure to read someone who has the same informations than the one we found.

Zarniwoop said...

On positive side, and there were a lot of those, I welcome these rumors:

- Disney Village re-theming!! Finally, DV is so out of place now. The sooner the better.
- Hotel refurbishments continues
- Michelin star restaurant to Disneyland Hotel, DLP needs to offer quality restaurants. Every a la carte restaurant should be top notch
- Space Mountain and BTM fixing and make-up
- Star Tours 3D
- WDS Front lot, Studio 1 and Hollywood Boulevard theme improvements and tram line
- New hotel tied to WDS, I hope it is at least four star

What was not mentioned, but what I've been waiting for years to happen is a better WEB SITE where I can make a detailed reservation - even for Suites that are behind a phone call now. Flowers, sweets and champagne waiting in room if I want... Romantic getaway packages... In other Disney parks you can make a reservation for Suites online - it's been possible for years, but not in DLP. They could add sales, but obviously they just want to sell more Mickey plushes.

simmy25 said...

Star Wars Land should be built in WDS not Discoveryland

Unknown said...

TSMM is an attraction with a short shelf life that will become dated very quickly, in my opinion. Indiana Jones Adventure is an impressive and enduring attraction that would be unique in Europe. Aside from Star Tours 2, I think it should be a top priority.

mr.Lime said...

About the Spiderman vs. Iron Man coaster, Alain, I understand perfectly the Avengers argument, but ... aren't Buzz, Aladdin, Peter Pan in more than one place in the resort?

And how will they explain the Spiderman storyline?
Iron Man flies through the air with loopings (and rockmusic), like the coaster (+equally fast). Spiderman swings through the air (like Tarzan) and climbs onto walls. What has that to do with the current layout of the track (+launch and speed) of the coaster?

So from a Spiderman-reality point of view, this one will be hard to sell. I like the superhero a lot, but Universal's attraction is a much better fit for him.

By the way, wouldn't it be amazing that right before they enter the launch area, guests would meet (on the video screen) Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow in Tony Stark's lab, and be invited by them to fly along with Iron Man to 'test Stark's newest invention'.

So IF the rumours of the article are true, then I seriously hope that WDI rethinks the re-theming of RnRcoaster completely.

Anonymous said...

Personally I love all of these plans, ESPECIALLY fixing Space Mountain back to its original theme, even tho I'm not a huge Marvel fan. I'm curious about this Indy-themed Soarin' idea, although I agree it would be a shame to deny the parks Disneyland's Indy ride (altho if it's gone this long at Walt Disney World without it I guess anything is possible). Fantasyland is very left out of this program. I'd love to see Pooh's Hunny Hunt behind the train station and Little Mermaid across from Bella Notte where it's supposed to be (perhaps with the show building in the space they're now saying a theater will go-shouldn't they put a show in Videopolis and Chapparel before building another stage?). I think Disneyland Paris is the most beautiful magic kingdom style park and it'll be great to see it finally updated with a sister park that is worthy.

Anonymous said...

I argee with mr. Lime, Spiderman dosen´t fit at all with R´n´RC, Iron Man would fit perfect. He can still be used in an Avengers Ride. Also why keep the old, boring and expansive Stundshow? bulldoze it, build a restaurant and TSMM there with a retheme to Spiderman and all would be fine. No need for another Toy Story Attraction.

Allan said...

If it costs $50million just to upgrade Star Tours, then maybe they should spend a little extra to move it to WDS and build the entire Star Wars Land there instead. WDS apparently still needs a lot of work.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Those are all very good news, as even if I wouldn't do everything as they are planning if I were the person making the decisions, it's still a lot of much needed investment on the parks if those rumors are true.

I particularly enjoy the idea of changing Space Mountain's storyline back to the great original one, Jules Verne's From Earth to Moon.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Those are all very good news, as even if I wouldn't do everything as they are planning if I were the person making the decisions, it's still a lot of much needed investment on the parks if those rumors are true.

I particularly enjoy the idea of changing Space Mountain's storyline back to the great original one, Jules Verne's From Earth to Moon.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I also liked the fact that Marvel attractions are going to be located on the Studios park, and not on the Disneyland Park.