Monday, June 2, 2014

Google Earth Release New Shanghaî Disneyland 2014 Satellite Views - Now Edited with Additional Views from the Reverse Angle !

It's always interesting to have a look on Google Earth from time to time, as you can have some good surprises. In this case, satellite pics of the Shanghaî Disneyland area hadn't been updated on Google Earth since two years and some even thought that Disney asked Google to don't post new ones. I always thought it was bullshit because why Disney would do such a thing? What Disney don't want anyone to see are the designs of the park, and you can't see them from a satellite view shot vertically as everything look flat. And it proves that i was right as when i looked again on Google Earth last Saturday brand new satellite views of Shanghaî Disneyland area had replaced the old ones, and these new ones have been shot in 2014, just a few weeks ago. They bring a new update on the SDL construction site since the previous satellite views posted on the Theme Park Guy three months ago, which were shot in November 2013 and apparently construction is moving fast in each land, so may be the park will be ready for an opening as scheduled end 2015, after all.

I did plenty of screen shots for you and as usual enhanced them to see more clearly. Above you have a view of the park only but the screen shot below shows all Shanghaî Disney Resort including the hotels. By the way, definitely click on each picture to see them in big size.

Edited: I suddenly remembered that satellite views looks differently depending on the angle you look at them. So, went back on Google Earth and did 17 more screen captures, this time looking at the park from the north of SDL. I also did the shots on a bit less vertical angle to get a more volume. And as you'll see, you discover new details that cannot be seen when you look from the south. Instead to do a second article i added the new shots to this one so you'll be able to see both views from the south or the north.

And if you don't know where is what here is the same shot with indications. Almost 100% of them are accurate and when i didn't know where exactly a ride will be located i didn't put it. The only one indicated in the pictures below that i'm not 100% sure of the location is the pirates stunt show theater in Treasure Cove.

Now, let's start by the entrance, and on this next shot you can see on the left the park entrance, "Mickey Avenue" which will be a different kind of Main Street for SDL with buildings architecture from different countries. On the right you have what will be the bus station, and in the center what is supposed to be called - wrong or right - "Disney Town" , a dining, shopping and entertainment area with on the the left of the "street" movie theaters and on the right a show theatre, restaurants, a World of Disney, etc...

Disney Town and the Bus Station, seen from the North.

Restaurants structures near the lake.

Here is a closer shot on the entrance and Mickey Avenue with at the top the Garden of the Twelve Friends, located in front of SDL Castle.

Shanghaî Disneyland entrance and Mickey Avenue, seen from the reverse angle.

Let's move up with this new satellite view of SDL Castle, and Garden of the Twelve Friends as well as some Fantasyland and Tomorrowland attractions are indicated.

Enchanted Storybook Castle, seen from the North.

Up again and we are above SDL Fantasyland, the big grey part at the center being where will be the Voyage to the Crystal Grotto boat ride. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is on the right and Peter Pan's Flight, Winnie The Pooh dark rides, Alice Curious Labyrinth and more will be located somewhere here, too.

The same view without indication for those who would like to zoom on it.

Fantasyland, seen from the reverse angle. The castle is now in the background.

I wonder if the building on the lower right is the one for Peter Pan's Flight...

A closer shot on this mysterious Fantasyland structure, always seen from the North...

A closer shot on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Can someone tell me if the track is exactly the same one than at WDW Magic Kingdom Fantasyland? It'll be interesting to know, to see if they are building a different version at SDL...

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, seen on the reverse angle.

Normally, according to the SDL blue print map which was leaked one year ago, we should find on the left of Fantasyland - and above Tomorrowland - Toy Story Land with Rex's Racers, Slinky Dog Spin and the Woody Roundup show - but no Parachute Drop. But when we look at the satellite view below there is no such things. Considering that Rex's Racers and Slinky Dog Spin are structure that can be installed easily later this might be why we don't see them. But the satellite view seems to show an unexpected building so, although it can be something where they store construction stuffs or worksite huts, may be they've changed their plans and it shows something else we don't know.

Let's move on the right to Treasure Cove where the highly awaited new version of Pirates of Caribbean will be. Note that i'm not 100% sure that the pirates stunt show theater will be where i've indicated it.

Treasure Cove as seen from the North. Pirates of Caribbean is in the foreground, now.

A closer shot of the Pirates of Caribbean building. You can guess the track inside...

Moving down, right under Treasure Cove, to Adventure Isle where will be located the Roaring Rapids raft ride - the one supposedly with Dinosaurs Audio-Animatronics - as well as Soaring Over the Horizon, and more.

Adventure Isle, seen from the North.

Let's move to a satellite view of SDL Tomorowland were there is plenty to see. This is where  will be the Tron Lightcycle Power Run - a motorbike coaster from Vekoma designed on a Tron theme, the Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue ride - which is rumored to be different than the dark ride we know and could be a kind of Toy Story Mania on the theme of Buzz, and Stitch Encounter, similar to the one existing at DLP WDS and HKDL.

Below, a closer shot on Tron Lightcycle Power Run showing both the indoor part - you can guess the track inside - and "Tron Cover" where will be the outdoor part of the ride. As, yes, the Tron coaster will have a part outdoor and a part indoor, what i don't know yet is if the outdoor part will be at the start or the end of the ride. Probably at the start because of the catapult launch which would explain the long outdoor loop, that you can't see yet on the picture below. The "cover" in "Tron Cover" means that a huge modern style structure - think Frank Gehry style - will come above the track with a concourse between the tracks and the "cover" structure. Difficult to explain with words...

Here is an even closer view of the indoor part of the Tron coaster to have a better view of the indoor track.

And now, Tomorrowland view from the reverse angle. The Tron building is now on the foreground on the first picture below.

Let's get out of the park, near the lake. On the picture below you have at the center Disney Town and the entrance plaza with Mickey Avenue, on the left the bus station, and all the grey buildings on the right, below Adventure Isle, are most probably worksite huts that will be removed once everything will be finished.  It's a big piece of land that will then be available for park expansion or eventually a new hotel. At the bottom center the white buildings are restaurants near the lake.

Always near the lake, and a bit more on the right, we can see this long white structure; I'm betting that it is the future train station, we'll see if i'm right but the shape reminds me concept-arts for the SDL train station that were released recently...

The supposed train station seen from the north.

Nothing special at the bottom east of the lake, except this small white structure on the center left which looks like a kind of small amphitheater looking towards the lake.

Here is the reverse angle on which you see better this amphitheater structure.

But on the west side of the lake it's there where is currently being built the five stars Shanghaî Disneyland hotel, on the left on the picture below.

The SDL Hotel, seen from the North.

Shanghaî Disneyland will also have a second hotel on opening day, a "budget" hotel with a Toy Story theme.

The Toy Story Hotel, seen from the North.

One last view for the road for those who wants more, showing the whole park.

In a next article i will talk about something which looks odd to me in the Shanghaî Disneyland design, and strangely it's something no one has talked about yet, so don't miss the next SDL update in a day or two!

Pictures: copyright Google Earth.


Anonymous said...

The building near Toy Story Playland is just a behind-the-scene building. You can see it on the original plans. The pirate theater is also more to the west than that you marked, you can actually spot the grandstand

Anonymous said...

The shape of the entire resort area looks almost like the shape of the Hong Kong Disneyland magic kingdom park?

mr.Lime said...

Is it just me or is SDL in reality a very small park? Maybe not as small as HKDL when it opened its doors, but certainly a lot smaller than EDL in 1992.

Alain, are the rumours (posted on DCP by DLP-connaisseur Jeff/Geoffrey) true that Soarin' in SDL Adventureland will have an Up-theme (in stead of Indiana Jones)?

Alain Littaye said...

Honestly, i don't know if it will have an "UP" theme or an Indiana Jones theme. Jeff having generally good sources he might be right. In general chinese know better the last animated movies than the old "classic" ones ( that's the reason they didn't put Peter Pan , Snow White or Pinnochio dark rides at HKDL ), including Pixar movies so it won't be surprising if it was the case, if it had an UP theme which will allow the Imagineers to introduce a link with some Pixar animated characters in Adventureland. Still, it remains to be double checked to be totally sure.

Unknown said...

Great to see the progress. I see the trees and plants for inside the park are being grown already to the south/west and north/west of the park. Nicely in straight lines. Or am i wrong?

Peter said...

That mystery building on the edge of fantasyland looks like it could be a theatre - you can see the curve of where the seating area would go and enough room for a stage and backstage. It would make sense that they would have a theatre somewhere in fantasyland?

Alain Littaye said...

Yes, it's most probably a theater, but still intriguing as i can't guess what it is related with...

SWW said...

The Fantasyland Theater is likely called "Evergreen Playhouse", and serves a similar purpose to HKDL's Storybook Theater.

Paterdave2 said...

I Think that Toy story playland can still be build in that Swampy area between Tron and the mystery fantasyland/fantasyland theater building.

As you can see on maps of the resort it is situtated right there.

Unknown said...

From the looks of things, the Dwarves Mine Train Coaster appears to be a direct copy although the show building looks bigger'+Mine/@28.420681,-81.580003,534m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xb429247f167fbe0a

Anonymous said...

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train does appear to have the same exact layout. I rode it twice this last weekend. Show building appears about the same size and it looks like they are putting in some retaining wall sections around the outdoor track portion. This would be similar to how the Disney World version has the track going below ground level in some parts.