Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Disneyland Paris Update Part Two

Here is the part two of the Disneyland Paris update that you were waiting for and this time we'll go to the Disneyland Park. Max, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster shot these pictures the same cloudy day than the Ratatouille photos you've seen last week but since the weather is now much better, good to know for those of you going at DLP anytime soon.

At Town Square the themed canvas are now in place on Main Street Transportation Co as well as on Boardwalk Candy palace facade, hiding the restoration works happening behind them. The transformation of Main Street Photography in the newly themed shop called "New Century Notions - Unique Flora's Boutique" are now over and it will open tomorrow August 1. New sun-blinds also appeared on the windows of the upper floors.

Ambassadeurs Disneyland Paris has posted some pictures of the new shop on their Facebook page. Here is a selection and you can see more HERE.

I don't know what you think, but personally i sincerely regrets the former Main Street Photography shop on which Eddie Sotto spent so much time to perfect the theming. But let's be fair and give them the benefit of the doubt until it opens and that we see more of this new shop.

The Harrington clock is at last working again!

In Adventureland the shop nearby Indiana Jones Temple of Peril is now open again, which was not the case when the ride re-opened two months ago after six months of refurbishment.

In Frontierland the sets of the Tarzan show which was stopped since Sept 2012 are being removed from Chaparral Stage.

Space Mountain Mission 2 has reopened early July with the entire security system redone. The surveillance cameras present in the attraction and queues have all been replaced with new models which can see better as they're now equipped for night vision. The smoke effects on the cannon were reactivated like they do now every year before the summer season...

The Autopia photo location is in refurbishment.

At Star Tours entrance the X_Wing fighter deserve a refurbishment as not only the painting gets old but moss is now also appearing...

Let's move now to the Walt Disney Studios where a surprise awaits guests at the Aladdin Flying Carpet ride as a new background canvas was installed, showing the city of Agrabah.

At Catastrophe canyon the water couldn't arrive anymore on the left side of the set when Max did the ride. They probably have resolved the problem by now.

Nothing special is happening on the Reign of Fire set if we except the decor falling apart little by little but in this case, considering that the decor is showing a city in ruins, i suppose that it adds to the theming!

See you very soon for the part three of this update as DLP hotels are also in refurbishment and, boy, how they needed it!

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Pictures: copyright Max Fan - DLPWelcome

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am outraged. This new store is a shame. How can they destroy a masterpiece of true Imagineering and replace it with a meaningless and tacky store like this! I detest these generic shelving units they put up. Those props are completely out of place and the official storyline of this store is complete joke.

Thank God you, Alain, preserved Townsquare Photography in all its former glory in your excellent book. Future generations will marvel at the greatness Disney Paris once stood for.

Why did they not work on a new store concept that would have embraced and continue the old storyline? Why not a new Townsquare Photography shop that sells everything vaguely connected to photographs, like frames and actual prints and b/w photos? Calendars, Disney ephemera... I do not see the point in this.

Again, I am in shock and very sad about this development. It is these places that set Disney apart.