Friday, July 4, 2014

Marvel Launch Galaxy Getaways Website to Promote Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel has launched a cool new website to promote Guardians of the Galaxy. It's called Galaxy Getaways and it's a fake galactic travel service which promote different destinations of the Guardians of the Galaxy, like a Travel Agency. Sure, its ill remind you Star Tours but the site looks great and you even have a "street view" option for each location just like with Google Maps.. on Earth. The site actually reveals some fun details about the different worlds that will be in the film.

Go ahead, discover Galaxy Getaways, but before don't miss the fun Ad for it below! And by the way, starting today July 4 and continuing until mid-August, guests at U.S Disney Parks on both coasts will be able to enjoy an exclusive sneak peek of “Guardians of the Galaxy”!

Picture and video: copyright Marvel


Anonymous said...

How about a link?

Alain Littaye said...

Ooops, sorry, i've forgot it. Just added it in the article now!