Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Disneyland Paris Halloween Season Will Run From October 1 to November 2 and Maleficent Invites DLP Guests to Join her Halloween Gang !

From October 1 to November 2, 2014, Maleficent captured the Disneyland Park to celebrate Halloween and invites all visitors to do the same by joining her "Halloween Gang". Below, DLP full press release.

Halloween is the favorite season of the Disney Villains. This year, Maleficent has decided to enjoy it more than ever and enroll visitors in his gang. It will surround including Jafar, Cruella, the Witch of Snow White, Captain Hook or the Queen of Heart, not to name them all ... Every day they will take possession of the Sleeping Beauty Castle courtyard to transform in court ... Maleficent courtyard.  This gathering will allow the public to take lots of pictures with the Halloween elite and share meetings ... unforgettably evil. All in a setting filled with brambles hinting the outline of a massive dragon and forms of his famous horns.

The festivities of the "villains" will start in the morning with a Disney Villains Maleficent Promenade in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. A first round of the owner to greet visitors ... before taking control of the premises.

The public will be able to join the Halloween gang led by Maleficent even before arriving at the Disneyland Park. Visit the site on September 8 2014 Everyone will then share their experience on social networks using the hashtag #GangHalloween

Because there is not just the villains who like to celebrate Halloween, Mickey and Friends will parade through the season in a special mini-parade with the colorful theme of fall and harvest. Named  Mickey's Celebrating Halloween it will introduce the arrival of the Three Little Pigs or Horace on the new float "Clarabelle Farm Party! ". On the program: country music and fall frenzy led by the Duck family with Donald, Daisy, inseparable nephews Huey, Dewey, Louie and of course Scrooge McDuck. Mickey and Minnie will close the parade from the top of their big cornucopia, along with Chip and Dale. 

Halloween is also the perfect opportunity to ride famous thrill attractions. Space Mountain: Mission 2, JonesTM Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, Crush's Coaster or Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith and of course The Twilight Zone Tower of TerrorTM with his fall 13 storeys towards the Twilight Zone! Disneyland Paris is the obvious place to test the limits of the most stunning fears.

But that's not all. Funny pumpkins invade the aisles of Main Street, USA and the ghosts of the former inhabitants will benefit of Halloween to get out. For more photos memories, Minnie welcome its admirers in his tailor shop in Halloween theming. Dingo, will pose beside his own invention: an extravagant candy machine. The hero of Tim Burton film, The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack, meanwhile install in a cemetery created specifically for Halloween ..

Finally, to close the season, the popular Disney * Halloween Party will be held October 31, 2014 in Disneyland Park. A unique experience with family and friends from 20:30 to 1am.

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