Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fun Artwork Inspired by Disney Characters - by Fernando Mendonça

Artists Fernando Mendonça who created  with Anderson Mahanski  the "Walt Disney Pictures Game of Thrones" artwork series you saw yesterday also did these fun artworks inspired by Disney characters, starting by this "Pirates of Caribbean at Neverland" artwork above with Jack Sparrow and Tinkerbell.

The next one below shows Aladdin Genie transforming Quasimodo in a handsome guy.

This next artwork shows how Timon and Pumbaa will look in they were humans...

Pocahontas meets Avatar main character in the next artwork below...

And let's end by this funny and irreverent one about Hercules!

You can see more artwork from Fernando Mendonça on his Deviant page HERE.

Artwork: copyright Fernando Mendonça

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Colin said...

these are great. I am definitely gonna watch the rest