Friday, August 15, 2014

How Mickey Mouse Finally Talked

The title of this post is a bit tricky - well, half of it only - as you won't see and it's no question of Mickey Mouse in the video below from FilmmakerIQ but it's all about how sound came to the movies and it is a great video that i strongly recommend you to watch! I'm sure you'll learn a lot of things you didn't know!

The inclusion of sound at the movies was one of the most dramatic changes in all of film history. Dive into the early experiments of Edison trying to incorporate sound from film’s inception, through the experiments in the early 1920s, the Jazz Singer and the industry sound overhaul, and finally the multi-channel surround and modern movie sound technologies.

The History of Sound at the Movies from on Vimeo.

Video: copyright FilmmakerIQ

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Jaber said...

I really enjoyed the video, thank you.