Thursday, September 11, 2014

Disney Paint The Night Parade Premiere at Hong Kong Disneyland - Full Show Videos !

Hong Kong Disneyland celebrates its 9th Anniversary tomorrow Sept 12 and the highly awaited Disney Paint The Night night parade created by Steve Davison premiered tonight at HKDL! Thanks to Michael20183 we have the first video showing the full show and i think that Steve Davison and his team did a great work in creating what we could call an "Electrical Parade of the 21st Century" - you'll hear at the start the music theme of Main Street Electrical Parade as well as during the rest of the parade, here with a modern musical arrangement. there is plenty of great projection effects - in addition to myriads of lights - and have a closer look at King Triton's face on the Little Mermaid float as i'm pretty sure he has a retro projection effect on his face!

I know you can't wait to discover this new night parade which, i remind you, is also rumored to come at Disneyland Anaheim for the park 60th Anniversary. The whole thing has been designed elegantly so i'm pretty sure everyone will love it. One more thing about the interactive part with guests "painting" the parade with their paint light brush: it's hard to see on the video how it works and IF it works but the parade is such a pleasure to look at and to listen to with its dynamic theme that it's not a problem. Go ahead, watch the video!

Edited: I've added the first video below which shows the parade in Main Street and you'll see the parade units even better than on the other video. 

You also have below screen captures of the main floats starting by Tinkerbell who open the parade...

A last picture of the parade kit for the guests including a T-shirt and the light brush!

Video: copyright Gilbert23059, Michael20183


joe said...

nice parade, but dreadful parade-music- sounds very cheap-pop-like, sorry to say.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

That's a very nice parade and I was glad to hear the theme of the electric parade!