Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Disneyland Paris Update : DLP Halloween Season Starts Today! Full Report - Part One

Disneyland Paris Halloween Season starts today Oct 1st and will end Nov 2. Thanks to Max, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster i have for you plenty of pictures of the Halloween decorations, so let's have a look at all this right now!

In two words, the sympathetic ghosts are back in Main Street U.S.A - some in new locations -  Frontierland has its pumpkin men back as usual, and the back of Sleeping Beauty Castle gets a new decor of huge brambles where Maleficent and others villains characters will stand for a meet and greet.

In the back of Sleeping Beauty Castle, the brambles decor was still in construction a few days ago when Max shot the pictures, but you can see on this rendering how it will look with the characters once finished.

Let's move to Frontierland where pumpkin men awaits the guests!

And that's all for today's DLP update! I'll be back later this week for another one and in the meantime I remind you to those of you who wants to order my Disneyland Paris "From Sketch to Reality" book and would like to have a signed copy dedicated specially for them can now have one. The September offer is extended all October and i'll sign personally each copy that will be ordered, whether it will be a french or english edition!

And to make things even better anyone who will order the book during October will have a signed copy at the price of a non-signed copy, i.e 75€ instead of 100€ ( and additional worldwide shipping remain the same at 15€  ). Only a very few copies have been signed since this book was published 12 years ago, so for sure it'll make your copy even more "collector's".

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Pictures: copyright Max Fan , DLPWelcome.


Colin Prijn said...

Wow looks cool. Interesting that they use ghosts now.

Anonymous said...

Pour une fois, c très joliment décoré ! Dommage que ce soucis du détail ne soit plus permanent mais c très sympa ! En revanche, quand se décideront-ils à transformer Haunted Mansion en Nightmare before Christmas comme dans tous les autres parcs Disney ?

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Orlando does not have a nightmare transformation of the HM and I'm glad that neither does Paris.