Thursday, November 13, 2014

Shanghaî Disneyland Release New Artwork - Plus : New Construction Site Pictures ! Now Edited With High-Res Artwork of the Park

Shanghaî Disney Resort released new SDL artwork today, mainly showing the hotels and "Disney Town" - SDL nighttime entertainment area which will be the equivalent of Downtown Disney at DL or Disney Village at DLP - but also the new bird eye view rendering above showing the whole resort. Among the most interesting things on this new artwork of the park is the rock work for the "Roaring rapids" raft ride in Adventure Isle and it looks to me like the huge rock work structure they did - and learned how to do it - for Cars Land but with a different design, of course.

I didn't resist to blow up the artwork above to have an even closer view of the park and here it is below. The definition is not as high, but that's normal. Click on it, as well as on all others artworks below to see them in big size.

And because i'm sure you're dying to know where will be what i've put the rides and attractions names on this other version below. At 90% the locations are right, and i did a new editing of the picture so now Peter Pan's Flight and Winnie the Pooh rides should be at the right locations.

Editing: Don't miss too my new article posted this Monday, explaining you in details what will be new or not in Shanghaî Disneyland attractions and why you should be "reasonably" excited to avoid disappointment. It's right HERE.

SDL also released a press release with more details and here it is, with the artworks that i've enlarged a bit so we could see a bit more as, as usual, SDL released them in very small size.

Shanghai Disney Resort, an Integrated Resort Featuring a Theme Park and So Much More - Disney announces exciting themed hotels, shopping, dining and entertainment district and recreation facilities

November 13, 2014, Shanghai Shanghai Disney Resort will exhibit new details of the highly anticipated resort during its debut at Asia’s largest travel trade industry fair, the 2014 China International Travel Mart (CITM). Shanghai Disney Resort will share the official names and images of the resort’s two richly themed hotels, and the exciting shopping, dining and entertainment district. Additionally, a new rendering shows the scope of the resort, including the lush waterfront park to be located alongside Shanghai Disneyland, Disney’s first theme park in mainland China.

Continuing the tradition of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts worldwide, Shanghai Disney Resort will welcome guests to an immersive, magical multi-day experience at the resort’s theme park, hotels, shopping, dining and entertainment district and recreational areas. The entire resort is being designed with Chinese guests in mind, bringing the best of Disney to mainland China.

“We are very excited to share more detail of our resort during our debut appearance at the China International Travel Mart, the leading annual tourism industry event in China,” said Philippe Gas, Shanghai Disney Resort General Manager. “Shanghai Disney Resort will provide a world-class tourism destination for Chinese guests, offering the same spirit of ‘shared family entertainment’ that Walt Disney first introduced nearly 60 years ago.
All guests will be able to take part in a wide range of authentic Disney experiences across Shanghai Disneyland, at our two themed hotels, in Disneytown an exciting shopping, dining and entertainment district and at our resort’s central lake area.” 

Shanghai Disney Resort will be Disney’s sixth resort destination worldwide. The centerpiece of the resort, Shanghai Disneyland will be a Magic Kingdom-style theme park featuring classic Disney characters and stories in six theme lands. Some of the new attractions and experiences specifically designed for the people of China will include the Enchanted Storybook Castle, Treasure Cove (the first ever Pirates-themed land in a Disney park) and Garden of the Twelve Friends.

In addition to the theme park, the Resort will offer two hotels that give guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in a magical world inspired by and featuring Disney characters and stories. The signature hotel of the resort will be the 420-room Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, an elegant Art Nouveau-inspired hotel with a touch of Disney magic and imagination. The 800-room Toy Story Hotel immerses guests in a world inspired by the toys from the Disney•Pixar series of Toy Story animated films. Both hotels will offer a range of entertainment and leisure options, highlighted by Disney’s signature high-quality service standards with great attention to details.

Conveniently located near Shanghai Disneyland and the hotels is Disneytown a shopping, dining and entertainment district with the lure of a timeless village and the excitement of an international crossroads. Here guests may relax and reconnect with family and friends, but amazing new experiences are waiting around every corner. No admission fee is required to explore its charming pedestrian streets, leading to more than 46,000 square meters of distinctive dining, unique shops and a world-class theatre.

The natural beauty of Disneytown’s Lakeshore provides beautiful views, spectacular sunsets, and the highest quality of waterfront dining. Marketplace, located at the heart of Disneytown, is filled with family fun and offers specialty shops with Disney merchandise. There one will find plenty of places to relax and enjoy musicians and entertainers.

Next to the Marketplace is the bustling international ambiance of Spice Alley, which presents a variety of popular Asian cuisines in a casual, yet romantic environment. The al fresco dining spots are perfect for lunch with friends or a more formal date. And the intimate streets and festive lights encourage leisurely after dinner strolling. Taking inspiration from the Beverly Hills shopping streets, the classic Broadway Boulevard features stylish boutiques that create an upscale atmosphere. Here guests will discover an exciting array of popular labels and trendsetting products.

Broadway Plaza is home to the beautiful Walt Disney Grand Theatre, which will bring world-class entertainment to China. The spectacular Art Deco theatre will host the global premiere of the Mandarin version of THE LION KING, the highest-grossing Broadway show ever. This separately ticketed show will greatly enrich the leisure experience for guests visiting the Resort.

Near Disneytown lies the resort’s central lake area, which offers guests from Shanghai and around the world an opportunity to commune with nature, surrounded by peaceful greenery and a glittering lake. With approximately 40 hectares, the size of 56 football fields, it includes the lake, a 2.5-kilometer walking path and various beautiful gardens, which present guests with awe- inspiring natural views and beautiful sunsets. 

About Shanghai Disney Resort 

Shanghai Disney Resort is a joint venture between The Walt Disney Company and Shanghai Shendi Group comprised of two owner companies (Shanghai International Theme Park Company Limited and Shanghai International Theme Park Associated Facilities Company Limited) and a management company (Shanghai International Theme Park and Resort Management Company Limited). Shanghai Shendi Group holds 57% of the shares and Disney holds the remaining 43% of shares of the owner companies. Disney has a 70% stake and Shanghai Shendi Group has a 30% stake in the joint venture management company. The management company is responsible for creating, developing and operating the resort on behalf of the owner companies. 

In addition to this new artwork, here are pictures of the construction site posted yesterday by the Chinese website The first one shows a structure which most probably will be an arch at the entrance of the resort.

This next one is a bit more hard to guess but it could show the works on the huge rock structure of Roaring Rapids...

On the two next pictures you'll see the TRON Light Cycles Power Run track, the outside part, doing a loop before going inside the show building. Others tracks can be seen outside on the bottom right, waiting to be added.

This next picture shows the construction site of the 5 starts Shanghaî Disneyland Hotel.

The picture below shows the construction of the Toy Story 3 stars hotel.

My guess is that this last picture shows in the background what will be "Market Place" an area with restaurants near the lake. You can see the top of the structure that you've seen on the rendering above, the one with a roof color green, and the SDL 5 stars hotel on the right.

Artwork: copyright DIsney - Shendi,


Anonymous said...

on this new concept art there is no Toy Story Playland. And on the concept art of the lakeshore restaurant you can also spot the entrance on the right side ;)

Alain Littaye said...

They might add Toy Story Land after the opening, it's easy to add and it don't need huge works or cranes during months.

Anonymous said...

I don't see a Mainstream U.S.A.? Is that correct?

Alain Littaye said...

Yes, there is no Main Street U.S.A. Instead there is a small street at the entrance, called "Mickey Avenue", with buildings of different architectures.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alain,

Couple corrections. The building you've labeled Pooh is actually Pan. Pooh is in the upper right corner of Fantasyland (above Seven Dwarfs), with the red-tented Hunny Pots in front of it. The building you've labeled Pan is a restaurant, likely Tangled Tree Tavern.

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful but it will need many, many more attractions before I would spend the money to fly to Shanghai! Hopefully the Tron coaster is successful enough that it can be brought to DLR...thanks Alain

Skylor Matthew said...

Right where the world "Hunny" is for Hunny Pots... doesn't that building look very familiar? Looks like Mystic Manor....

Anonymous said...

Yep, that looks like Mystic Manor, just below the word "Hunny". Also, the building below the Alice in Wonderland Maze looks like a grander version of Crystal Palace.