Sunday, December 28, 2014

Jedi Training Academy Will Debut Next Summer at DLP Discoveryland Videopolis

The good guys of ED92 forum are back with exclusive news about Disneyland Paris future, and this time they have all details about the Jedi Training Academy which will debut on DLP Discoveryland Videopolis stage next summer. As usual, i did a translation of their post and D&M french readers can read it in french on ED92 forum right HERE.  That said, there we go:

It will be at the end of July, or early August at the latest, that the Jedi Training Academy will open its doors in the heart of Discoveryland on the Vidéopolis stage. But contrary to what you might think, Disneyland Paris will not just simply adapt the show already present in the U.S since several years.

Thus, 6 times a day, and every day of the year, a group of 16-18 young children will be able to register at City Hall to learn how to use the Force and the noble art of lightsaber fight. But, in order to don't make anyone jealous, two additional children will be selected before of each performance directly inside the Videopolis theater, and so it's up to 120 children each day who will proudly become Padawans. It should be noted that the show will be accessible to children in wheelchairs, the needed ramps will be installed during the renovation of Videopolis.

But how this Jedi initiation will look like, you ask? Let's get into the details ...

Let's start first with the stage decor ...
We will be supposedly on planet Tatooine, and the Lion King sets will be kept to represent the rocks of the Tatooine desert.
Three blocks will make up the background of the scene:
- The right block will be equipped with an access door for the young Padawans and the two Jedi Animators. Note that these Jedi animators will be bilingual since the show will be in French and English simultaneously ( according to the specific needs other languages could then be added temporarily, such as Spanish when they are very numerous on the Resort ). Note that behind this block will be built specific backstages where the young Padawans will be able to calmly prepare themselves before and after the show.
- The central block will be similar to the decor currently used for the Jedi Training Academy in Orlando and thus will look like the entry of an Empire fort. But its color will change and it will have a sand color to match the Tatooine desert. Its large door will allow the entrance of different characters from the Star Wars Universe.
- The left block will be a "simple" decorative element that will have a platform for a surprise about  which i will talk in a few seconds.

Above, a ED92 home made concept art of how the stage might look.

Now, about the show itself!
It will start with the Jedi Animators leading the young Padawans on the stage and they will teach them the basics of using a Lightsaber.
It's at this time that the two first Guest Stars will appear: C3-PO, which will appear throughout the show on the two side screens and his everlasting sidekick, R2-D2, which will appear in real on stage, on the platform of the left block. Note that R2-D2 will be a real remote droid.
The training of the young Padawans in the learning of how to use the Force will therefore continue. The twenty children will not be too many to levitate R2-D2, reminding us a famous scene from the Empire Strikes Back.
It's at this moment that, feeling a disturbance in the Force, Darth Vader escorted by two Stormtroopers will enter by the large central door. Providing an opportunity for each Padawan to have a lightsaber fight with the terrifying Sith Lord!

Above, a scene from the WDW Disney Hollywood Studios Jedi Training Academy

Despite their efforts, none of the Padawans will be able to defeat the almighty Darth Vader. Will the Empire win? Of course not, as when all will seem to be lost a Jedi Master will enter for a grand finale and give the audience the chance to enjoy a high level lightsaber fight.
The Sith Lord will of course be defeat and the Jedi Master will proudly give to each young Padawans a diploma testifying of their exploits in the Jedi Training Academy.

Note that this show will be temporary, it will close its doors in spring 2017 to make way for a more "traditional" Disney Show. But don't worry, the Jedi Training Academy will find another location within Star Wars Land. But this is another story...

So, are you ready to follow the way of the Force?

Text and concept-art: Copyright ED92 - English translation: copyright Disney and more

Top picture: copyright Disney - Lucasfilm


Anonymous said...

Thanks for THE info Alain, although good to hear that something New is coming i cant seem to feel à little disapointed.this is another kiddie show with no real big investment. We need New rides , seeing r2d2 moving About is hardly interesting, once a year there is a thing in ghent named Facts and there are construction groups building r2d2 in their spare time. They ve got like 15 of Them running About. I know iTS a first step, i just hope iT wont hè THE last.
Once again Alain, thank you for THE info, Your site is THE only one that has a finger on THE pulse of dlp.
Kind regards from ghent, Belgium

Anonymous said...

I don't mind a show. They are cheaper than a ride and they are crown eaters. Plus judging fro Florida the kids love this show.
I'm not sure about the location. I hope it's temporary until a mini star wars land opens up.
It doesn't go with the beautiful themeing of Videopolis and that part of Discoveryland. Although Buzz has already sort of wrecked that whole steam punk vibe that was going on there and best of all it isn't Frozen themed lol