Saturday, August 15, 2015

D23 Expo Parks and Resorts Pavilion : Part One : Shanghaî Disneyland

In this first report about D23 Expo we'll have a detailed look at the fantastic Disney Parks and Resorts pavilion which this year include a phenomenal presentation of Shanghaî Disneyland with artworks, models, costumes for each land, and more. There is also one about the Avatar land that we will explore in a separate article. As usual Andy Castro from Dateline Disneyland is D&M photographer for everything about D23 Expo and i can't thanks enough Andy for his precious pictures. 

So, let's have a closer look at Shanghaî Disneyland starting with the map of the park.

Before entering the park - just like at Hong Kong Disneyland - Shanghaî Disneyland guests will find a fountain, this one with Mickey in his glorious early days in "Steamboat Willie", and here is a picture of the model.

Next, we'll have a closer look at Mickey Avenue, the entrance street of Shanghaî Disneyland. By the way, don't forget to click on the pictures you wish to see them in bigger size.

In front of SDL castle and at the exit of Mickey Avenue will be the Gardens of Imagination!

Let's move now to Adventure Isle to have a closer look to the Roaring Rapids ride as well as Camp Discovery...

Right next door to Adventure Isle is Treasure Cove and a brand new Pirates of Caribbean ride version!

There it is, you got it, the first SDL Pirates of Caribbean attraction poster! And if you want to know what awaits you in the ride, just have a closer look at the poster!

The video below will show you a few seconds of Shanghaî Disneyland Pirates of Caribbean ride from the simulation movie used by WDI Imagineers!

Fantasyland will have many unique elements including the unique Journey to the Crystal Grotto boat ride, a different Peter Pan's Flight, and much more!

Let's move to the Tomorrowland section and the Tron Lightcycles motorbike coaster!

The Shanghaî Disneyland Hotel as well as the Toy Story hotel also ha da special presentation.

The Toy Story Hotel Courtyard will feature the "Tin Toy" rocket sculpture below.

We'll end by the Disney Town presentation, SDL shopping, dining and entertainment area!

On Disney and more i've covered essentially the D23 Expo announcements about Parks or Imagineering but there was more so make sure to follow Andy Castro others updates on D23 Expo either on his Dateline Disneyland page HERE or on Mice Age HERE.

All pictures: copyright Andy Castro - Dateline Disneyland


Randy said...

Andy and Alain, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for capturing/posting almost every piece of media on display for Shanghai. I am impressed by a lot of what I'm seeing, especially the original content created for Adventure Isle (Arbori culture).

Not to be greedy, but will videos of the clips shown at each of Shanghai Land's tv monitors be made available.

Much appreciated.

Alain Littaye said...

Randy i think they are already available for part of them on Youtube.

Xavier said...

Thanks for the impressive update !

I just love the "Magical Skyline" merchandise. Quite simple & nice, beautifull. I feared more garish things where in order for SDL. Glad I was wrong. ^^