Monday, September 7, 2015

Shanghai Will Close 153 Factories Ahead of Shanghaî Disneyland Opening Next Year to Improve Air Quality For Shanghaî Disneyland Guests

Here is an incredible news: Shanghai will close factories ahead of Shanghaî Disneyland opening next year and 153 "heavy polluters" factories will be shut down in a bid to improve air quality for visitors... and probably also to make sure they will have a clear blue sky for SDL Grand Opening Celebration.

From Shanghai Daily : "The Shanghai Economy & Informatization Commission said that 153 industrial enterprises located in the Pudong New Area have been identified as “heavy polluters”, and will be closed. The move is aimed at improving the air quality at Shanghai Disneyland and creating a better visitor experience. Instead of the factories, the Pudong New Area government said that new industries involved in the tourism, agriculture, public services sectors will be promoted near Shanghai Disney Resort. It is unclear whether the industrial plants will be offered relocation to alternative sites."

As you may have heard last week China's government did the same two weeks ago before the big army parade in Beijing to make sure they had a clear blue sky on parade day. But the factories were closed temporarily, and two days after the parade they reopened and the smog was back over Beijing.

Now, this news is double interesting, as in this case - if i understand well the news - the factories are not going to close temporarily, but permanently, and all this to have a clear blue sky and a better air quality, also permanently, over Shanghaî Disneyland, which is incredible as it tells the power that Disney can have. I don't see any other company having this power, and specially foreign companies in China. It also mean, basically and sadly, that thousands of Chinese workers will lose their job so SDL guests could breathe normally and shoot great pictures during their stay at Shanghaî Disneyland.

Officially it's the "Shanghai Economy & Informatization Commission" who takes the decision and i don't doubt that Shanghai wants to do its best for the new tourism zone in Pudong - for money reasons, of course - but i bet you that Disney probably did everything they could to have them understand that "it would be better if they could find a way to don't have permanent smog over SDL...".

Finally, may be Shanghaî Disneyland will not be the "Magic Kingdom where you can't breathe" as i said a while ago in one of my D&M article that you can read HERE.

On the top, SDL Disney Town with the clear blue sky that Disney wants to see over the park each day.

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FutureWorld84 said...

I live here in Beijing, and it has been 4 days since the parade, and the smog has yet to return. Still have blue skies here.